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MJS40 August 06, 2018

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my backyard late one evening when a spring storm was rolling through central Texas.
It was around 6:30, and the sunlight was highlighting the unusual texture of mammatus clouds.
The lighting in this photo is completely natural.
I used my Canon Rebel t6i with Tamron 70-300 mm lens.
I was actually letting my dogs go out into the backyard when I noticed the beautiful sunset unfolding outside my house. I'd never really seen mammatus clouds before, so I really found their shapes interesting and unique. I loved the layers and waves of clouds that were painted gold and pink, and I wanted to capture the beauty of the moment. So, I hurried into my room, grabbed my camera, and started snapping. Within fifteen minutes of taking this shot, the sunset had faded completely. Had my dogs not needed to go outside, I probably would have missed the whole thing.
I did some color enhancement to bring out the vividness of the gold, and I added a little contrast to make the mammatus clouds more defined.
In my camera bag
I have two camera bodies: a Canon Rebel t5 and a t6i. I have two Tamron lenses that are always fixed to these camera bodies: an SP 150 - 600 mm and a 70 - 300 mm.
If I had been even fifteen minutes later, I'd have missed this moment. This photo now serves as a constant reminder to me: beautiful things are always happening around us, and we can easily miss them if we aren't being observant. Pay attention to your surroundings - you never know what you'll see!

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