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jenhere July 18, 2018
valeriehward July 21, 2018
Love the churning of the water..a living, breathing entity..and at the bottom..the color changes..like partially black & white to a colored photograph..I love everything about this.. vibrancy and yet..I would love to be standing at the bottom..where the photo was shot..I would love to walk there and feel the water around my ankles, perhaps.

Camer just above the tiny splashing waves at Snoqualamie Falls





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Behind The Lens

I captured this scene at sunrise at Snoqualmie Falls in Washington.
We woke up around 4AM in order to make sure we'd arrive in time to negotiate the barriers to entry to this place (a 10' fence and potential park minders). We were there before sunrise.
It was morning in the PNW, so that means diffuse light through the clouds and all around good conditions.
Nikon D800 and a cheap 14mm lens for a crop sensor camera. That's all I had with me. I held the camera in my hands and dipped the rig between the tiny waves, pressed the shutter, and pulled it out quickly.
Marc Adamus' photographs had a big influence on this composition. I utilized an ultra-low angle to find a perspective on Snoqualmie Falls that hasn't been done before.
I used Green and Gold to make the composition pop. There is a lot of saturation and manipulation of the color in this photograph.
In my camera bag
I have only ever shot with one camera and one lens. My camera bag holds a full frame camera and 24-70 lens and that it is...unless I forget my lens in another bag and have to borrow as I did in this instance.
When you research a location, take note of every composition you can find from that feature. Then, resolve yourself to avoid creating something similar. Explore and be creative, don't merely create.

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