Ko'Olina (shooting)Stars

Shot 53 minutes after sunset. One shot. ISO2500 15s 2.8

Time Lapse movie: http:--youtu.be-QNK7JPFrEJY...
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Shot 53 minutes after sunset. One shot. ISO2500 15s 2.8

Time Lapse movie: http:--youtu.be-QNK7JPFrEJY
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Joel_Li November 29, 2013
WileKyK PRO+
WileKyK March 03, 2014
Fantastic shot of a beautiful place! Congratulations on your Feature!
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta March 03, 2014
Terrific time exposure. Congratulations.
ybuhac March 03, 2014
Great shot, congratulations on your feature
beamieyoung PRO
beamieyoung March 03, 2014
Beautiful! Congrats!
iceman2 March 03, 2014
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
drakkardarkblade March 03, 2014
congrats, fantastic, please check out my works
TheSprungers March 03, 2014
Love the composition and the color. The stars are incredible. Nice shot!
fredapaterson March 03, 2014
What a beautiful night shot.
Dmullanephotography March 03, 2014
Great shot
greglinck March 03, 2014
Beautiful great photo.
Naturalife March 03, 2014
The wind always blows off of the water causing the tree to lean. Little things like this most people never observe. Thanks for sharing.
debhall PRO+
debhall March 03, 2014
BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on your feature!
zyxwv March 03, 2014
Simply beautiful congrats!
MatMan3331 March 03, 2014
Insane. I love it!
aspenglowphotography March 03, 2014
Beautiful shot! I really like the colors! Congrats on your feature!
Critza94 March 03, 2014
UpperClassImages March 03, 2014
beautiful !
meshersmith March 03, 2014
Great shot, fantastic selection of the place to take it!
meshersmith March 03, 2014
Congrats on your Feature :)
nitti March 03, 2014
What a beauty....congrats
redwriter PRO
redwriter March 03, 2014
Beautiful image. Congrats. - Jake
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 March 05, 2014
Very pretty! Congrats!
bobbynall March 05, 2014
That rocks !!!!!!!
misakkalajyan March 06, 2014
HaliSowle PRO
HaliSowle March 06, 2014
Just gorgeous! Love the composition.
saurilhutabarat March 08, 2014
congratulations on your feature, i love it !!
mmarriuss March 08, 2014
Woow.. Fantastic capture! Beautiful nightsky!
BowmanLifeStudios March 16, 2014
Very nice long exposure, great composition, and great job capturing the start sky so clearly.
lauraphotography March 17, 2014
brilliant shot
JoseV November 26, 2014
Awe inspiring shot.
tena2409 February 11, 2015
beautiful :)
Dunner March 07, 2015
Brilliant image. Wow.
syllehtek August 05, 2015

Behind The Lens

Aloha, Thank you so much for having me on your site. I love photography and am happy to share some thoughts about this photo! This photo was captured in a field adjacent to Ko'Olina resort, between Electric Beach (so named for the power plant on the shore) and Ko'Olina. This is on the west side of Oahu, Hawaii.
Ko'Olina Shooting Stars was shot exactly 53 minutes after sunset, at the end of nautical sunset (when the sun is about 18 degrees below the horizon). EXACTLY. Why do I know? I've been asked by many many people because they suspect that the image is a composite. It is a single 30s frame.
The ambient light on the trees and foreground comes from the highway, about a quarter mile away. At high ISO this light is quite visible.
My friend, Jake, allowed me to test drive his Rokinon 14mm 2.8 lens for the night. That plus my Canon 5DII and sturdy tripod, and I was golden for the night's activities. Its good to photography friends :) Oh yeah! A remote camera shutter is essential for night photography.
I group of acquaintances on Facebook had been asking me to go out and shoot with them. Some times it's tough to motivate and meet new people, I am happy to say that they are all good friends after this night. I suggested the location and six or seven of us met here for the first time and got some pretty awesome photos and time-lapse footage. I have a time-lapse from this very night on my youtube, "Ko'Olina Shooting Stars." In it you can see everyone's lights and cameras moving around for the two hours that my camera was snapping away.
Post production begins in Camera Raw. I adjust exposure and balance the image. I also correct the signature "mustache" distortion of the Rokinon lens here. Next I accented the Milky Way in Raw using a high contrast curve and brush. I selective sharpen the foreground by capture sharpening in Raw and exporting a sharpened version and a soft version which I later combine in PS. In PS I further bring further attention to the Milky Way with curves and dynamic blending. Finding the right amount of contrast here is a pain, but worth the extra effort. I don't want to make the sky look outside of its natural domain, but I want you to feel the power of it. Balancing. I also removed distractions in PS. For this photo I had to remove our shadows from the foreground. I did this by cloning in Darken Mode to even out the tonality in the grass. Did you notice?
In my camera bag
For the past year I have traveled super light. I visited six countries this year and that is tough to do with a lot of gear. Ask Eric Alamas says, "There is much beauty in limitation." My camera bag includes: One Manfroto Tripod, carbon fiber. One Canon 5DII One Tamron 24-70 lens. One Cleaning Kit, a few extra batteries, a circular polarizing lens. And that is all.
Preparation is king. I knew that the moon was not going to rise until early morning. I new that the sky was going to be clear. I knew that there was a meteor shower. Lastly, I had scouted this location and knew how to get here, and back, in the dark. 80% of the craft is in preparation. 10% is in post production. 10% is actually getting there and taking the photo. A few other must-haves to make this image: a fast lens with an aperture of 2.8 or larger. A sturdy tripod. A remote shutter. A sense of adventure. Good friends to spend the night with helps a lot, too. Aloha, Jason

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