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Apr, 2018

Pinnacles in the mornig light

1991 on a biggish trip

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Behind The Lens

I think it was in October 1991 in the Pinnacles desert WA
I slept on top of my Toyota right next to the place to be there at dawn. The shadows tell me it was not more than half an hour later
The lighting was provided by the sun, the good weather by divine intervention. All I had to do is find a good angle
I used my Toyo Field 4x5" with a Schneider 90 mm. The tripod I still have, it is a Sokkia surveyor's tripod. A linhof head with level bubble carries the weight nicely
The evening before I had seen the potential, but weather was not kind. so I explored a bit, but carefully avoided walking around too much between the rocks I walked around the cones careful no to leave any footmarks till I saw a nice lineup. A glorious dawn and a col morning only required fast movement with me and the camera, get the darl bag ready, load film etc before it was to late.
There was a place in Perth that developed sheet film at a high price. Can't remember whether I sent it to Melbourne or had it done there. Scanner was my tiny SCREEN 4x5 drum scanner, built in 1995 bought 2nd hand in 2001
In my camera bag
Then there used to be heavy boxes with medium format Pentax 67 and the big fat field camera, most of all that heavy tripod. Today I use a Nikon d4 and a d800 and a lot of old lenses, most from before AF was introduced.
Most of all, don't walk across the sand. Observe from outside. I stood on the roof of my Toyota to plan the thing the evening before. have patience and find a good angle. Since there are no field cameras around these days, get a wobbly lens if you can. I still dream of a flexible 24mm.

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