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Juncal :: Sweetest Sexy Thing 06

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draevnnmotkova January 10, 2021
Nice photo
timestopping Platinum
timestopping January 11, 2021
Thank you so much my friend!
Jking44bc October 24, 2021
Very nice photo. Lighting & pose are fabulous
timestopping Platinum
timestopping October 24, 2021
Thank you so much my friend!
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller October 13, 2023
nice, lighting is great
timestopping Platinum
timestopping October 13, 2023
Thank you so much, Beth!
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Behind The Lens


This one was taken in a hotel in Barcelona. The views weren't spectacular, but the room was quite sunny (so, less flash and more natural light)...


It was during a sunny morning last year. It was around 11 (AM) and the room was super well oriented for the sun...


I hay my two remote flashes ready, but, since the "King Sun" was being so benevolent on us, I was able to get the best of her without having to use them at all (at least in this one).


I used my Sony ILCE-6500 (witch is my main camera). I also used my, Sony 35mm 1.8 OSS, (52MM APS-C), which is my favorite "boudoir" lens. Since we had such a nice Natural light my, two Nissin remote flashes weren't needed for this one.º


Juncal was the inspiration. Usually, the models are my inspiration...


Yes! I opened it in LightRoom (I ALWAYS shoot RAW), then I corrected some minor defects in Portrait Pro and, that's it..

In my camera bag

Camera: Sony ILCE-6500 Lenses: Sony 35 MM 1.8 OSS | 50 MM 1.8 OSS | FE 85 MM OSS. Flashes: 2 remote Nissin HSS + 1 Nissin remote commander. Tripods: 2 flashes tripods+ umbrellas + one Amazon Basics monopod. Misc: Extra batts for all + Bluetooth speaker + Remote shooter +


Don't hold yourself from shooting. If you do 10,000 shots there are more chances of getting one lucky shot. Also, have your flashes ready, if you get lucky as we did in this one, you won't need them... but, for most of the captures in this session I did needed them. And last, but surely not least, you need to have a great model. And, with Juncal, I had the best one can ask.

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