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Pat :: Laying on the Bench I





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gracielabecerra February 03, 2018
timestopping Platinum
timestopping February 03, 2018
Thank you Grax! I love it as well!
dwatts September 10, 2018
You shoot such beautiful portraits and models... are your models paid, do they pay you or do they volunteer for free and how do you approach them about modeling for you. bluntly, casually, or descreetly? I want to build a good portfolio and appreciate any info I can get on approaching potential models!
timestopping Platinum
timestopping September 10, 2018
Thank you so much my friend!
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
great work
timestopping Platinum
timestopping Sep 21
Thank you so much, Beth
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Behind The Lens

I took this one last summer in Bogatell beach in Barcelona. It was done at the end of the session and it was done like "OK, let's do one more"...
I just LOVE this photo (and Pat, the model and my friend). Two August ago, after "a whole day session" (with lots of stops to eat, talk and all that), around 20:30, after shooting some excellent photos with the sun setting in background and since the light was unbelievable, I told her "another -last- one on that bench?". As usual, she said yes, and we took it.
As I said this was taken almost by chance, but it's one of my all time favs. Thus, it help me to realize how important it is to have a good (natural) light. We all know that 14:00 is not a good time to do photos in direct sunlight, also, we know that some flashes could help us getting some descent light but, there's nothing like a good natural light.
I used my Sony a6500 -mirrorless- along with my 35 MM 1.8 OSS lens. No other equipment has used (no flashes, no tripod, no reflector, no nothing).
First of all Pat. I just LOVE her. She's a great friend (and, though she doesn't agree, a great model). I could take her 10,000 photos and if then I say "one more?", she'll always say "yes". Also, the perfect weather of that day was a great inspiration. But, I must admit that (even if it sounds cliché), for me, the simple fact of taking one photo is an inspiration to me,
Yes. though I like "organic photography", I have to admit that I've did some post processing. I opened in Lightroom, did some basic corrections and, then erased some marks from her skin and nothing else.
In my camera bag
I always pack my: - Sony a 6500 (my main camera) - Sony F 35 MM 1.8 OSS - Sony F 50 MM 1.8 OSS - Sony FE 85 MM 1.8 OSS Then I have a 18-200 Sony lens, my two remote flashes and the controller (Nissin), their tripods, a tripod and a monopod, etc. etc etc. But what's always in my bag are the camera and my three primes.
Well, I feel i lack the authority to give anyone, any advice, but, if I have to give one it'll be something like this: "Never give up (NEVER) because you don't know what will be your best photo; and, what's if it's the next one you'll take?"

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