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Juncal :: Sweetie in Black Body I





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josephbruno Ultimate
josephbruno August 18, 2021
Love the face!
timestopping Platinum
timestopping August 18, 2021
Thank you so much my friend!
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller December 08, 2022
timestopping Platinum
timestopping December 08, 2022
Thank you so much, my friend!
jackprichett Platinum
jackprichett November 17, 2023
Perfect pose, model relaxed
timestopping Platinum
timestopping November 17, 2023
Thank you so much my friend!
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Behind The Lens

This one was taken one morning, in a warm October, in a sunny hotel room in Barcelona,
This was done one Sunday morning. It might has been around 11:00.
Since I had an issue withe Flashes remote controller, most of the pictures of this session, like this one, were done with natural light.
I've used my Sony a6500, my main camera, and one I LOVE. I also used my 35 MM 1.8 OSS Sony lens.
Juncal is, per se, a great inspiration... But, I don't like telling models what to do, I just make myself as invisible as possible and just observe. When I find something that I like (a pose, an expression, something) I just shoot and capture the moment. In this one, what inspired me was her great expression, the pose and the lighting!
As always I've opened in Light Room and then, just did some basic retouching stuff (that pimple there) but I'm a photographer not a retoucher...
In my camera bag
I never go out without: + -Sony a6500 + Four lenses (Sony E 5 mm 1.8 | 50 mm 1.8 OSS | Sony FE 85 mm 1.8 OSS | E 18–200 mm F3.5-6.3 OSS) + 2 Flashes (Nissin DI 700 Sony AIR + the Nissin N090 - Air 1 Transmitter) + Remote controller. + Extra memory card + Extra batteries for everything + Monopod + Two tripod for flash + Umbrellas) + Bluetooth speaker (Having music in the session is fundamental) + Misc stuff...
You must have two qualities to do a photo like this: 1.- Perseverance 2.- Patience All the other stuff (including experience and equipment) you can acquire (either with time/money), but those two qualities you either have them or not...

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