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Marta R :: White Dress II

This session with Marta, was one of her first sessions ever.

Working with her was blast... until... the processing period started.

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This session with Marta, was one of her first sessions ever.

Working with her was blast... until... the processing period started.

She wanted to have so much control over what got published....

Well, since it was her first boudoir session so, I could understand it.

Well, be it what it be, it's past.

In the end, I was able to publish some good captures...

Model: Marta R

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gracielabecerra July 29, 2019
WOW! love the way she looks at ME!!!
timestopping Platinum
timestopping July 29, 2019
Thank you so much Grax!
armandoermocida April 23, 2021
timestopping Platinum
timestopping April 23, 2021
Thank you so much my friend!
ClaritaBethCanlasMiller PRO+
she's beautiful
timestopping Platinum
timestopping Nov 25
Thank you so much, Beth!
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Behind The Lens

In a hotel room
I was around midday!
Yup! Natural light + 2 Remote flashes.
I used my main camera, glorious APS-C, Sony ? 6500. The Lens was Sony E 35 MM 1.8 OSS Tripod, I just used my hands and for lighting I just used the sun and my two Nissin remote flashes.
As usual, the model and the session... We were there, everything was on the mood, so I told her to rest this way and, we took this one...
like 'organic photography' and I like to take photographs not to process them afterwards. So, this one has the minimum post processing to let it looking right...
In my camera bag
Camera: Sony ILCE-6500 Lenses: Sony 35 MM 1.8 OSS | 50 MM 1.8 OSS | FE 85 MM OSS. Flashes: 2 remote Nissin HSS + 1 Nissin remote commander. Tripods: 2 flashes tripods+ umbrellas + one Amazon Basics monopod. Misc: Extra batts for everything + Bluetooth speaker + Remote shooter + ....
Don't hold yourself from shooting. If you do 10,000 shots, there are more chances of getting one lucky shot. Also, have your flashes ready, if you get lucky as we did in this one, they won't be your main source of illumination but, in many cases, you'll relay on them.

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