nitinchandra January 06, 2018
anthonygerardfoley February 09, 2018
A well taken shot in sepia.
anthonygerardfoley February 09, 2018
A well taken shot in sepia.
_6976 February 12, 2018
pietnel February 14, 2018
Gorgeous lovely body
Chiaroscurist June 12, 2018
So well lit...
jonlmiller July 05, 2018
a beautiful image.

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Dec, 2017

Bella Incognito

Inspired by Marc Lagrange - Senza Parole

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Won People's Choice in the perfect breast Photo ChallengeOctober, 2018
Winner in Studio Nudes Photo ChallengeOctober, 2018
Winner in beautiful body Photo ChallengeMarch, 2018
Won Runner Up in Social Exposure Photo Contest Vol 13February, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Social Exposure Photo Contest Vol 13February, 2018


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Behind The Lens

This was taken on a training day organised by the model here; Natasha J Bella at her Photo House Studio. Outfits (she did wear some!), lighting and posing were her choice so I wanted to do something which would distinguish my images from those taken by the other photographers present.
From memory early afternoon though as we were in a studio time of day was immaterial
Simply lit with a couple of strip boxes placed to left and right triggered wirelessly.
Canon 5d mkIV and 24-70 f2.8 USM lens
An image by the late Marc Lagrange that features on the cover of his book Senza Parole (Without Words) features a model with a similar piece of fabric across her face. Something about the image really struck me; for some might view it as the ultimate piece of objectifying women; remove their personality and leave only the body, yet Lagrange's work usually relegates men to subservient roles so this was out of character. With the current debate about treatment of women it seemed all the more powerful and so I shot something similar to stimulate some debate through my blog. This is a good example of how starting your journey from someone else's work will still lead you to something original. (A practice also recommended by Brooke Shaden). Natasha's beautiful skin colour, the shadow background, the 3/4 crop and the use of a fan gave me something different.
Not sure why, but my MK IV seems to shoot images slightly under exposed. I've no problem with this as I'd rather lose shadows than highlights. Consequently with many of my images in post I duplicate an image, set the blend mode to screen and the dial back the opacity to a level I'm happy with, masking any areas that don't need treatment. Aside from that I did a little skin retouching. This was also part of Natasha's tuition on the day, but an area where I'm pretty happy with my technique already.
In my camera bag
My must have's are the camera and lens mentioned, together with my 70-200 f2.8 and 17-40 f.4 as this gives me a wide range to respond to most situations. After that it depends. If I'm deliberately going out to shoot in the landscape I may take a 100mm macro or some macro tubes and a range of ND and polarising filters, whereas if I'm more likely to be shooting people then I'll opt for something with a wider aperture like my 50mm and 85mm primes.
Perhaps try a different coloured scarf, or drape one over a reclining model (check out the Italian sculpture The Veiled Christ). That would give you something different from the same starting point.

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