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joycealicesmith January 04, 2016
Congratulations on winning People's Choice!
andreaclaudiadelp January 27, 2016
very good.
artemiopascua February 11, 2016
beautiful composition and contrast
Byronfairphotography September 09, 2018
Absolutely gorgeous
RickL Mar 01
Great perspective






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Behind The Lens

Just off the Headland at Hartlepool in NE England. I'd been further up the coast a couple of weeks beforehand and had seen the structure in the distance. I believe it was once used by a local cement works for loading materials onto shipping.
I wanted to emphasise the colours of the sky so deliberately under exposed to enhance this, which was also advantageous in allowing fast shutter speeds as there were storm force winds blowing at the time. Longer exposures would have risked camera shake, even though I was using a tripod because the wind and soft sand made this less stable than I would have wanted, and the foam on the beach was moving rapidly too and would otherwise have blurred.
Canon 5d Mk III, 24-70 lens, giotto carbon fibre tripod
The opportunity to use the leading lines of this structure together with the rising sun. I waited a couple of weeks for a promisingly cloudy weather forecast and then got up at 5.00 to make sure I was there for sunrise.
A little overlay blending to give greater saturation to those reds and oranges using layers in photoshop.
In my camera bag
Aside from the kit used, 17-40 wide angle and 70-200 telephoto that I occasionally use with a 1.4 converter. Various ND filters and polarising filters. iPhone with various helpful apps such as The Photographer's Ephemeris
Be prepared to move with the light and consider your subject from different angles as weather conditions and light are so changeable. The shot in my gallery of wooden posts in soft sands was taken at the same location within half and hour, yet has a completely different feel to it.

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