On the Waterfront





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Paulacook144 Platinum
Paulacook144 March 02, 2018
Lovely portrait image.
RiViCo March 03, 2018
Well done
simonparry March 04, 2018
Wonderful portrait..
tmlakshmi PRO+
tmlakshmi May 13, 2018
jettahlily008 Platinum
jettahlily008 August 11, 2018
Beautiful capture & composition! :)
harmeetsingh February 16, 2019
Great shot
Alfredo_Jose September 17, 2019

Behind The Lens

This was taken on a studio model night at HD Studio in Newcastle upon Tyne. These are regular events with 3 models all of whom change outfits so all being well each attendee should get 6 different looks for a portfolio.
This was taken in the evening, but in studio conditions so the time of day had no impact.
The set up for this shot was a single octabox above and to the model's left. Initially I was concerned that the peak of her cap might cast unwanted shadow in this set up, but the light was low enough for it not to be a problem.
Canon 5d Mk VI, 24-70 f2.8 USM lens hand held.
The model was working against a white infinity background, but one of the disadvantages of a night like this is that everyone gets very similar shots. As there was a black flat off to one side I moved my position to use this instead and give myself a low key look.
Again in an attempt to differentiate my shot from others I did some colour processing to generally desaturate but retain some of the red tones.
In my camera bag
I shoot all sorts of images and my bag contents vary according to my planned subject. The 24-70 lens and my 70-200 are ever present, but to that I might add a wide angle when shooting landscapes or architecture or a macro if the environment is promising. I've a 50mm and 85mm prime when portrait shooting but didn't use either here as I was shooting full length and 3/4 shots as well as the portrait.
Model nights are great ways to get some great images, but think about how you can make your images unique, perhaps by bringing props, shooting different angles or perhaps in the way you process.

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