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Love Reflected

A father smiles for his daughter who is about to marry throught a car's window.
A father smiles for his daughter who is about to marry throught a car's window.
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Behind The Lens

It was one of those rare weddings happening at daylight here. The bride arrived in the couple car, and her father was waiting near the entrance of the ceremony. I asked her to lower a bit the window, and insited the father to come take a peek of his daughter as beauty as he never saw. Those smiles are the results of my joke.
The light here was amazing by the time of the photo. And, besides be almost noon, the trees and place did cast a soft light all over the place. As the car was under a roof with no walls, and having some light coming from the father's left side, it was just the perfect time.
As it was a warm and lovely moment, for me, the light must reinforce it. I took advantage of the softness of the daylight, and from the backlight at father's face to have the scene glowing.
I've shot with a Canon 5D mk II, 70-200mm 2.8 lenses, 1/60s in bare hand, and nothing more.
Love! The look in her father's face when he walked towards the car to see his daughter so beautifull in wedding dress, the eagerness at her gaze, and the atmosfere of that wedding was all so inspiring! And I wanted to have all of that in this shot.
I shot in color RAW at the camera, so I did the conversion to BW with Lightroom, and finished a few details in Photoshop, like sharpness and fine tune levels.
In my camera bag
2 Canon 5D, a 70-200mm 2.8, a 24-70mm 2.8, a 50mm 1.4, a Tamron 14mm 2.8, 2 speelights 600RT-EX, almost 1tb of memory cards, a lot of bateries for cameras and speedlights, some rubber, plastic and fun stuff to use around.
At any wedding we'll have cozzy, warm, tender and joifull moments. The better you know how the wedding works at the culture/country you use to shot the most, the more you'll be ready to take those moments. So, learn a lot on how the wedding flows, and be ready to take pictures of moments. Leave a bit of the capture tecnic behind and concentrate in the moments. You can always post-process any failure in exposition, but you'll surelly need some image to do even this. It be needed a great moment to have a good memory.

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