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jennifercato Aug 15
DNproSTUDIO Sep 15
so great shot for this pregnant moment

The Flight of your Dreams

A soon to be dad pilot shows his dream to his son.
A soon to be dad pilot shows his dream to his son.
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Behind The Lens

This is in Brazil's central region. I discussed withe the couple the idea to use both parent's professions during the session, so we needed to do it in an open area. A farm of the mother's family was chosed, and for this one shot in particularly, we went to a open field, with some trees on the side.
Initially I've imagined this on the sunset, but the weather didn't help that day. Nonetheless, we did it in the golden hour, with the dimm light.
The intention was to enfatyse the roundness of everything: Belly, dad's face, gummy planes, etc., so we went to the rear-to-lateral lighting, with the sun (or light from it, cause the majesty wasn't in good mood that day! hehe) coming from the left of the picture, and almost from the backsides of the mother's belly.
A canon 5d Mk II with the 70-200 2.8 L II. Natural light, and nothing more.
So, knowing well the couple, all the shoting session was inspired in theyr professions, hobbies, and things they like. This one shot in particularly was from the father's passion for airplanes, and the idea of a kid who'll play a lot with plane toys.
Yes! Color correction in LR, and a bit of skin smoothing in PS. A must do with Canon's shots is take care of the redish they embark on they sensors, so, a bit of work in the red channel to make everything greenish....
In my camera bag
For a maternity session I'll go with the Canon body (normally the 5D, on occasions the 6D), a super-zoom very luminous lenses (normally the 70-200 2.8) and a lot of pre-shooting talk with the couple.
Regularlly, I don't go with the entire session in mind, but the concept of some pictures, like this one. And, like I said about lightning, it'll hardly be like I imagined, so I go with the mind and eyes widely open for oportunities, and imagining when and where the shot I imagined will come to be. Some times, the picture doesn't show up, and I end with something very diferent than expected. But most of the time when this happens, it's a positive surprise.

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