Catholic Library (Triangles #3)

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priyaselvan January 28, 2018
Simply superb
ScottLockwood Feb 27
Excellent! Check out my b&w fine art site at .... I think you’ll agree we see things in a very similar way.

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Behind The Lens

I took the photo in Münster, a city in Germany, during a photo walk with two photo buddies. It was a hot day in early summer and we had a blast exploring the city with its unique mix of old and modern architecture.
It was in the afternoon and the sun was beating down on us.
The light was quite harsh which usually isn’t considered ideal. However, I found it to be beneficial because I wanted to portray the building as cold, hard, and unwelcoming.
Handheld, no equipment, no tricks.
Two thoughts inspired me when I photographed the building: 1. I was trying to create triangles in my composition to give the image an abstract notion. 2. Being quite skeptical about almost everything related to the church and with this building being a library run by the Catholic church, I couldn't help but portraying it in a very cold, hard, and unwelcoming way.
Obviously, I converted the image to black and white. I went for a very strong contrast as I felt it support the intent described above.
In my camera bag
I rarely go out without a tripod, my camera (the Nikon D7100), my Nikkor 18-135mm lens, a set of ND filters (1, 3, 5, and 10 stops), and a wireless remote.
I often find photographers being too picky about the light. They usually don't even shoot when they don't have the light they want. I prefer a different approach and always go shooting regardless of the light. Instead of waiting for the light to be perfect, I ask myself what kind of image is the given light helpful for. I allow myself to be guided and inspired by the conditions I find.

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