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This is Dagverðará , there used to live a poet here before he died and the house became abanded

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plangereis November 28, 2023
I like this B&W image. It is almost the same perspective I shot this house in while visiting Iceland. Thanks for sharing this!
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Behind The Lens


This old farmhouse is named Dagverðará and is on the south side of Snæfellsnes peninsula in West Iceland. It is some times called the dead poets house as the old farmer was a poet too. I'm a self thought photographer and I have been to this location a number of times and I always hope to take the right one. But I have learned a lot just on this site alone as the diffrent light scenario make the mood so diffrent.


I have been to this site on diffrent times of the day but this was shot pretty early in the day if I remember correctly. The main difference is that there was a lot of fog and mist so it turned out pretty moody.


I love natural light so try to be at the same site in diffrent time of the day is key to learn. A level of luck also helps.


This was shot on a Fujifilm xt5 and I think on the 16-80mm lens.


I love abandoned places and there is a number of them in Iceland. This one is a bit eary and mystic so when I saw the fog coming in I knew I was in for a good photo.


Á number of things where done to this image. Turned bnw and I dodge and burned the foreground and darkened the sky a bit too. I'm still learning to edit in a more detailed way and I hope it is not over done as that is a common mistake. I like moody photography so I went for that look from the time I shot the image. I tend to know what I want to do in the computer while I'm at the site.

In my camera bag

I like my fijifilm cameras. I have a Fujifilm xt5 and an older fujifilm x70 and a feew lenses for the xt5. The newest in the bag is the 50-140mm, and I really like it. But I also like to own the viltrox 27mm 1,2


I'm not sure I'm at the level yet to give others advise other than just try and try again. Travel and look and feel as much as possible. I think visual art should always have a level of expression in it.

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