smilersam May 20, 2017
Magnificent capture!! Love the title :-)
nlhammondphotography May 20, 2017
Thank you!! He was such a cutie!
naturalwanderer November 25, 2017
Amazing shot! Love this little guy :)
Acadienne Apr 01
This is an awesome picture. He is not only singing in the rain, I think he is tap dancing too!
kiwidragonfly Apr 02
This image gave me such a smile.
MaryAnne306 Apr 02
What an adorable photo! Great capture. Congratulations on being a finalist!
hardusbenade Apr 05
Wow, this is amazing!
Arzhtatiana Apr 14
Awesome capture!
Safetygal Apr 14
Incredible shot - I think he's loving the rain! Great motion captured with the raindrops as well. Fantastic job!
elfridoX Apr 17
O wow ???? such an amazing shot
SuzieQ63 Apr 17
Oh poor wee mite. Hope he survived. Amazing photo.
belindalong Apr 19
Awesome photo
UnkleFrank May 06
How cute is this!!! My compliments on a well deserved peoples choice award for the Rain Photo contest.
jlappen May 13
oh my; how I love this. Wish I had taken it! Great, great job. :-)
DugBug May 26
Awesome shot. Very nice, made me smile.
Nice one !
Thank you!!
joybello Jul 15
How sweet!! What a great capture! I hope the mama bird came to feed her baby!
Cuffers Jul 18
So cute, I love it!
Alfredo_Jose Aug 27
Excellent shot!

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May, 2017

Singin in the Rain

Baby bird sitting in my driveway!
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Won People's Choice in Rain Photo ContestApril, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Rain Photo ContestApril, 2018


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Behind The Lens

In my driveway. I looked out my front door one day and saw something in my driveway. I wasn’t sure what it was, so I crept closer and closer. When I realized what it was, I scrambled to go back and get my camera, thinking he would be gone when I got back. He wasn’t! I don’t have any big zoom lenses, so I had to get on the ground, a foot away from him and started doing a mini photo shoot with him.
It was an overcast afternoon.
I was lucky that it was a cloudy day. Being that it was mid afternoon, I didn’t really worry too much about the lighting that day because it was nice, diffused lighting because of the clouds.
I used my Canon 7D with 100mm 2.8 Lens.
This was completely an unplanned shot! When I saw this little guy, I’m thinking straight out of the nest just sitting there chirping away, I knew this was a once in a lifetime shot. The odds of this happening again without a major zoom was slim to none. I had to go for it! I did not touch him, and took my shots and went back in the house. I felt he would not move on and hop away until I left, and didn’t want to scare him.
The did the normal post processing adjustments for exposure, contrast etc. I loved this shot how it was, but decided to add a rain overlay to give it that extra “something. “
In my camera bag
My camera, 100mm 2.8 and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM. I always have my remote trigger, extra batteries and a flashlight.
Sometimes You may think you can’t possibly have a winning shot because you don’t live in an area that has anything Spectacular in terms of scenery. (Like I did). My advice is to always keep your eyes open to things that are around you. Always be ready to go grab you’re camera, because life has a way of throwing unexpected opportunities and joys right in front of you... when you least expect it!! :)

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