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the drivers-firement posing after the night run to Buxton station along the picton loopline from thirlmere.

the drivers-firement posing after the night run to Buxton station along the picton loopline from thirlmere.
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bobbytaylor71 PRO
bobbytaylor71 May 02, 2018
Congrats on your award "Won Featured" ... Well done.
PetarBphotography PRO
PetarBphotography May 04, 2018
thanks :D
vertical_liquid May 17, 2018
Could a photo be any more magical? Sheesh. Nice one.
paulatchinson PRO
paulatchinson November 11, 2019
Hi - this image would be a great entry for a challenge I have just created. Could you be persuaded to give it a go. Its ‘TRAVELLING AT NIGHT’.
The URL is
To enter Go to my Viewbug Page - click on my avatar image - click on the link to CHALLENGES, then CREATED and choose 'IN THE KITCHEN'.
I hope you enter and best of luck.

Behind The Lens

Buxton train station On the old Main southern railway now known as picton loop line.
We did some night time workshop at Thirlmere Rail museum before getting on the train you see above to Buxton train train station it was great to smell the steam and listen to carriage squeak as the train puffs its way up the hill to buxton station. This photo was taken at end of the workshop i was already bout to leave and walk home when i seen the train crew setup for a shot. i saw something interesting and set up for nice capture :D
the lighting is from the train fire box and the cars behind the train who setup there headlights.
Vanguard tripod, Nikon D7200, 16-300mm tamron lens
we just finished up the night workshop many of us already on the train while i was bout to head back too, when i saw the train crew out side for last photo i saw something interesting got my camera out quickly put it on tripod and shot away. what was interesting though i still had last settings so im surprised they stood still enough for interesting night time capture with the steam all around and back lighting from the firebox and cars behind the train.
I added but more warmth to the image and some clarity, slightly give some blacks and more highlights to help with the face.
In my camera bag
i always take 1 spare lens which gives me more options over the tokina 11-16 wide angle which is my go to lens for most shots. spare battery, water, snacks, micro fiber cloth and 1 hankerchief incase it rains might need wipe off the excess from lens.. and my trusty vanguard tripod.
always look back after shooting something. never know what you might see in spur of moment.

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