Budapest City Market

A shot from Budapest's City Market (Központi Vásárcsarnok)
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A shot from Budapest's City Market (Központi Vásárcsarnok)
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eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden November 21, 2016
Congratulations on your wonderful Challenge Win!
paoloagati November 21, 2016
DonyB November 21, 2016
Congratulations, Wolf :)
paoloagati November 21, 2016

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Behind The Lens

The shot was taken inside the Budapest Great Market Hall, definitely a "must see" if you travel to the capitol of Hungary
It was our last day in Budapest, in the afternoon we had to take to road back home so we decided to spend the morning in the Great Market to relax our eyes from days of museums, churches and monuments. It was the right moment, because the market was full of people attending the usual daily food shopping.
Light was awful, too dark for my camera with artificial lights all around which forced me to keep eyes open trying to hide them behind object (as in ths case, behind a braid of garlic)
I took this one with my main camera, Nikon D60, with the standard 18-55 lens, no lens, no tripod. Not an exciting equipment ;-) but it helps you to get the job done :-)
The Great Market of Budapest is a wonderful place for photographers, plenty of places and subjects to look at... food, people, architecture, colours... not to mention scents and flavours (but these don't come very well in pictures...). I was attracted by this chaotic scene... plentiful of colours... but as I kept at looking at it a definite pattern came to the surface, there was order in the chaos, something I did know well from my studies about fractals...
Post processing was a necessity... I had a precise idea in mind but the raw image was far from it... Apart from usual cropping to adjust proportions the main work involved local detail enhancement and colours emphasizing. To get the job done I managed a pseudo hdr image using HDR Luminance ( producing two different layers with two specific hdr operators, one for local details and the other for colour emphasis
In my camera bag
Now I use regularly a Nikon D60 with its stock 18-55 lens. As a second lens I always bring with me an old (more than 30 years...) 300 mirror lens, really not a modern one :-) but I can manage to get some good shots with it. Not in my bag (it doesn't fit...) but in my car I carry also a tripod, in the case of night shots. Last but not least, when I don't have with me the main equipment I use my cell phone (now a Huawei Y360, in other moments a Samsung Galaxy).
You must keep your eyes open, even the eyes you have in the nape... Moreover you must be prepared, if you are going to take photos in a market you must have an idea of what you'll see. In this case I expected to see lot of colours and in fact it was true...

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