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Somewhere in Bologna

Somewhere in Bologna
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melissafarelli PRO
melissafarelli February 22, 2017
Great patterns and composition
paoloagati February 23, 2017
ovosphotography February 26, 2017
paoloagati February 26, 2017
grazie marcello, ho dato un'occhiata al tuo sito, ho visto grandi cose

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo during a trip to Bologna, Italy. This is an historical building, dating to the thirties of XX century and it's a beautiful example of the rationalism in architecture. The building, named "Faccetta Nera", was designhed by arch. Francesco Santini.
It was late morning of an early January day, we were just arrived in Bologna and we were heading to heart of the city, Piazza Maggiore, and I was attracted by the peculiar buildings that stands at the side of Via Marconi, a kind of live manual of rationalistic architecture.
As it was one the first days of the year, the sun wasn't very high in the sky so the facade wasn't directly lit. The only points of light were the sky reflections in the windows' glasses so I had to adjust lighting not to overburn them trying also to keep the wall's details readable.
I took this one with my main camera, Nikon D60, with the standard 18-55 lens, no flash, no tripod. Not an exciting equipment ;-) but it helps you to get the job done :-)
I'm a great fan of geometric patterns and abstractions, when I go walking by I always throw an eye looking for such photographic themes. I think that lines and forms take you to origin of graphic representation and I hold them as the most important subjects you can cope with.
Architectural photography needs a lot of processing, unless you don't use a tilt-shift lens. In this case the most important job was to get perpendicular lines and to get rid of falling lines: I used the perspective correction function in DxO Optics software. Moreover, I adjusted lights separately for windows (to enhance the blue reflection of the sky) and for the wall.
In my camera bag
Now I use regularly a Nikon D60 with its stock 18-55 lens. As a second lens I always bring with me an old (more than 30 years...) 300 mirror lens, really not a modern one :-) but I can manage to get some good shots with it. Not in my bag (it doesn't fit...) but in my car I carry also a tripod, in the case of night shots. Last but not least, when I don't have with me the main equipment I use my cell phone (now a LG K8, in other moments a Samsung Galaxy).
When you plan a trip, whether abroad or only in the town next to yours, study which are the most notable landmarks, document yourself about local monuments and history and, in any case, don't forget your camera at home.

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