Fading wheat

Some green wheat...

Some green wheat...
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livioferrari PRO+
livioferrari January 03, 2017
Complimenti per la foto e i meritati Awards!
paoloagati January 03, 2017
Grazie Livio!

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo when I was walking along a country road, not far from my mother-in-law's home. When all the family meets together, I like to go walking around the fields in the countryside, it's a good source of photographic inspiration.
It was mid afternoon of a hot spring day, late may. We were just back from an important lunch, I had to take walk to work off the food and so I went for the fields.
When I took the shot I was naive... I didn't have much ideas how to process it, I was a novice, given that I was using a digital camera for a little time. So I took the shot without thinking much about lighting.
Well... I didn't use a top gear equipment, I took the shot with a simple point and shoot camera, a Coolpix L3, no tripod, no flash, nothing fancy. At the time I didn't own a DSLR yet.
I've always been attracted from wheat ears, particularly the green ones which at that time I considered a difficult subject, given my basic equipment and my less than basic processing skills. I wanted to cope with them, but it took more then seven years to do it ;-)
Yes, I did more then some simple processing. I decide to elaborate this image seven years after I took it, the main idea was applying a linear blur to the wheat ears in order to let them appear as fading strips. I applied also some vignetting and I played with colours, desaturing green and yellow to emphasize the blue component and to obtain a "crude" appearance. Only a word about the software I use: in most cases I use the Gimp, which fits to most of my needs and for raw conversions I'm using DxO Optics.
In my camera bag
Now I use regularly a Nikon D60 with its stock 18-55 lens. As a second lens I always bring with me an old (more than 30 years...) 300 mirror lens, really not a modern one :-) but I can manage to get some good shots with it. Not in my bag (it doesn't fit...) but in my car I carry also a tripod, in the case of night shots. Last but not least, when I don't have with me the main equipment I use my cell phone (now a jurassic Nokia C6, in other moments a Samsung Galaxy).
This is a difficult answer to give... I like details, natural or artificial it makes no difference to me. I like to point out things that otherwise don't come in foreground, things that people usually don't see passing by. So the main advice is: keep your eyes open, look around, don't let be "fooled" by great subjects, there is greatness also in details ("God is in the details" used to say a great man like Mies Van Der Rohe). Another advice is not to forget your old shots, revise them periodically, maybe you've acquired new skills which can let you work with old material in ways you didn't think possible years ago. And always forgive a non english speaking guy answering so much questions ;-)

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