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sweetpea72 February 02, 2017
Cute shot, ❤ her ink!!
haleymaxphotography February 04, 2017
Good choice of colors :)
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb March 05, 2017
the perfect way to express your style,amazing shot ,very unique,cool ink
DarwinsBloodhound PRO
DarwinsBloodhound March 06, 2017
Very funny!
DNproSTUDIO January 06, 2020
great shot for this concept photo shot with the beautiful girl
alexisgeale Platinum
alexisgeale March 18, 2020
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Behind The Lens

In my wee studio space
early noon
Yeahhh, it's all epic cheap! All my strobes are less than about £70 each. I'm not a huge fan of the gradient on the background in this image, i think it was a shot that was kinda off the cuff to the lighting set up and the small space in which we have to work, and making it work. But i like the integrity of that to a degree unless it's a hugely important narrative. As they say, a perfect photo is a boring photo. The more I shoot, the rougher around the edges I like photos... as long as they're my kind of rough according to the narrative of course. Not that i follow a fickle mistress but I think that'll be a fashion soon with Terry Richardson doing a lot of on (well slightly off pap stylie) camera flash portraits and people like Ren Hang getting some notoriety. There seems to be a blacklash of photographers bored of industry standards and injecting some reality and edge with harder F*you lighting in their work, and i totally get it on narrative at least. I love 'candid' looking work along these lines, it feel real and as tho you're living the scene rather than it being disconnect from the real work thru the eyes of pro models and photographers. Anyways, i digress, because the photo is nothing of the sorts :)
5d mk 3 + 24-70L
I was chatting to Nicole about ideas and fancied doing a kitsch and colourful shoot with some random props. I'd bought the flamingo for a pool shoot with the view to use it for this too. A bit of mileage on props when you don't have a budget is never a bad thing.. (s)he prob get used again as i've had a few juxtapositions ideas for how to use flaminggy. I've probably got a few shoots with the same chairs, lamps etc in them but all different in feel.
Typical portrait stuff. colour tweaks and a bit of attention paid to skin no doubt.
In my camera bag
5d mk 3 24-70mm 2.8 70-200mm 2.8 17-40 f4 85mm 1.8 A canon and yongnou speedite.
Buy a flamingo, visor and some minecraft glasses off e-bay..

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