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ArberElezi May 20, 2018
Immortalphoto May 20, 2018
paulatchinson May 20, 2018
Strking image! The subject, composition and tones are really different and you've got a nice colour contrast. Very dynamic and eye catching. I'd be very pleased to have captured this!
wfmagee13 May 28, 2018
Pole dreams
TomasTar May 31, 2018
fightthelight June 01, 2018
Cheers guys :)
ThirdFacePhotography June 01, 2018

Pole Fitness

Model Amo Mann
Model Amo Mann
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Behind The Lens

Body Image UK in Walsall
I knew I wanted to explore low key and gels, but as we had a small window of studio hire, you just need to rely on experimenting quickly while siding towards theory. The biggest thing of course is looking to have a favourable lighting patten on the face and it hitting the body in a flattering way despite the unusual poses and perspective, which can be a challenge for both the photographer and the dancer/model when you have such controlled directional light.
I used two cheap budget studio strobes with equally cheap girded soft boxes, and of course lighting gels.
I always fancied doing a pole a shoot and a friend did it as a hobby, as for the perspective, it was a shot i had in mind before we got in to the studio and we just had to work out the best move to bring it to life once the lights were fired up.
I think the one big thing i did on this shot was remove a second pole from the background. The rest are typical contrast tweeks etc.
In my camera bag
Completely depends on the shoot, but a Canon 5d mk 3 and 17-40L were what i used for this shot. I probably bought a 24-70L with me too and possibly a 85mm 1.8 to cover all near to mid range lengths and DOF's.
Preparation and experience pays when you're against the clock. I'd say don't let your self get too frustrated trying, and then expecting it to come easy and just work, but in reality that's the motivation that'll push forward and to want to keep learning and achieve those eureka moments in once confusing senarios. Of course styles and tastes will drastically change your approach and vibe too, but it comes down to the basics of lighting theory and what you look for as to how you let it shape your end results.

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