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Stilt House - Lake Inle - Myanmar

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A town in the middle of a Lake. streets, temples, schools, shops and bars all sit above the water.

A town in the middle of a Lake. streets, temples, schools, shops and bars all sit above the water.
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MURSAHA April 13, 2018
Thata beautiful!
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Behind The Lens


This Photograph was taken in Lake Inle - Myanmar. A freshwater lake in the Shan State.


Lake Inle is one of those places where it is so inspiring and unusual that it is easy to forget about the light and just find yourself admiring the entire landscape every single minute of the day. This shot was around Midday, there was quite a bit of cloud around which made the light soft and gave the still lake and its beautiful stilted houses a bit of an otherworldly


Midday can give the most even light sometimes. Of course it can be a harsh light too, but you have to roll with it and change what and how you shoot. On a day where you have some cloud, you're in luck and could shoot anything with a smooth light and the occasional highlight in the background or foreground.


I'm a Canon user, shot on a 5dmk3 with a 17-40 f4 lens. I forgot to pack the Polariser....Handheld - F8 at 1/160sec.


Traveling by boat around the lake gives you a very low point of view and the stilt houses jutting out above the horizon is an inspiring scene to start with. Having a camera in your hand is all you need. I sat for a while at this watery intersection to line up the houses.


Simple edits in Lightroom. the shot was well exposed due to the flat light and post work needed was minimal, a little contrast enhancement, tone down the bright clouds a little by bringing the white slider down, a very slight colour boost to enhance the reflection and that's all that was needed.

In my camera bag

Equipment... Usually I take a lot of gear and it can be a heavy bag but for this trip I took only the one body, a 17-40 and a 70-200 and a tripod that was not used all day. I like to have choice in my camera bag, I generally would carry a flash-600ex with a remote, spare batteries of course, A couple of gopro's, great to have on hand while your main camera is shooting a time-lapse, or its raining cats and dogs or you do need to get in the water. Lenses. the 70-200 f2.8 is my favourite, as sturdy as they come, sharp and indestructible. A 17-40 F4, a very sharp and versatile lens, the Sigma 12-24 is a great wide lens, very good for architecture as well as wide landscape. A 100mm Macro, the sharpest lens, great for portraits as well as Macro. Filters, a few NDs and a Polariser. Then I feel like I'm ready for pretty much anything.


Being there is the main thing, and even if you only have your phone you can still get a good shot if you think about it for a minute. Shooting from a low angle is a very interesting aspect and my advice for any photographer is to shoot the subject from as many angles as you can, sometimes, one will jump out from a view you might not have thought of. Generally, most people traveling will shoot the same shot as anyone has from exactly the same point, try a new angle.

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