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Behind The Lens

This Photo was taken not far from where I live. There are many orchard farms, with regular rows and with the red dirt often makes for a interesting colour contrast. This is a friends macadamia farm on the fertile plateau Lindendale in Northern NSW - Australia.
Visiting friends, having a cup of tea, looking out the window and the light was beautiful, A clear day and the late afternoon sun streaming across the farm. I had the phantom in the car, quickly got up in the air and cruised around the property. A beautiful afternoon, tea went cold.
Flying over the property, the late sun really accentuated the trees against the dark earth. The regular pattern of the trees cut by the road gave a very strong composition.
This was shot using the Phantom 4 Pro - No filter.
I love farms, the rows, the order and the disorder, the old tools in the yard, the care that is obvious in looking after the place, the animals and the fences. They look good in fog and the rain and especially in the last light of the day. Late or early light is so inspiring. To me, everything looks alive and vibrant. I had not planned the shot, rather, looking out of the window of my friends house I could see the light getting better every minute. Practically ran to the car, got out the flying machine and was struck by the clarity of the scene particularly the vertical view. Followed the farm road and got this shot.
For this shot, having such clear light and vibrant colour there was little post processing. It looked good from the start although the contrast was very strong and I did adjust the contrast down just a little, vibrancy slider up about 5 on the slider in Lightroom. Thats it. Sometimes there is not much processing to do at all.
In my camera bag
I almost always have the Phantom in the back of the car, you just never know when you need it. I like how they are a fixed lens limiting your choice and having to physically move around in space to frame the shot. My regular gear is a Canon r5 and a mk4 - Always have a 50mm on hand, a great cheap light lens that, like the phantom lens, means you have to move to frame, I like that, almost every film camera ever sold came with one of these and for most people it was the only lens they ever had. Great for a natural look in your shots. I generally have a 70-200 and a 12mm wide sigma in the bag so that I feel I can pretty much shoot anything, from birds and people to super wide landscape.
Early and late light is my favourite time to shoot, Whether it is portraits or landscapes. The strong side light defines the objects in the scene and add a vibrancy that is generally missing any other time of the day. Landscape photography sounds easy, get out there and shoot it. But planning for a shot can be the difference between ordinary and amazing. Light and shadow is the key to gaining the depth in an image that keeps you and the viewer interested in a photograph.

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