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Spring in Grafton, the Jacarandas - Northern NSW - Australia

Jacaranda time in Grafton is a profusion of purple flowers.

Jacaranda time in Grafton is a profusion of purple flowers.
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kimcuonglac May 28, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
kimcuonglac May 28, 2017
Love it!
joybello PRO
joybello July 06, 2017
onyanita PRO+
onyanita July 07, 2017
love those jacarandas in Grafton. Beautiful capture and congrats on your Finalist Award
BexxPhotography July 07, 2017
Beautiful color!
marnie333 July 07, 2017
Simply enchanting! Congrats on the Finalist Award!
julianacaywood PRO+
julianacaywood July 07, 2017
MLundberg1 July 08, 2017
Well done!
prasadshikhare13 July 10, 2017
great capture
PSD9253 July 14, 2017
Beautiful Photo !
sunflowergirl PRO+
sunflowergirl July 21, 2017
Oh wow! Would love to walk down that road!

Behind The Lens

The Photo was shot at Grafton, Northern NSW, Australia. An avenue of Jacarandas. Each year in Late October the town holds the 'Jacaranda Festival', celebrating the spring, the town and the profusion of colour that hits the streets. On this day the whole town was surprisingly quiet.
An overcast day which gives a neutral broad light, perfect for flowers and Gardens. This was shot around the middle of the day.
If there is cloud in the sky, sometimes it can offer such a beautiful light where colours seems to glow. The shadows are muted and a there is a sense of calm that makes the scene very inviting.
I'm a Canon shooter, it just happened that way, you start with a good lens and before you know it your a user of a particular brand. Its an older shot from 2009. It was shot on a 40d using a 70-200 mm F2.8 - @200mm F5 ISO 100 160th sec.
I live a couple of hours north of Grafton and was to be teaching photography at the Arts Festival that co-incides with the Jacaranda Festival, I know, it seems like festival town, but for the other 51 weeks it is a very quiet town. I could hardly believe there was so little traffic and just pulled over the take a quick shot, it really did look fantastic at the time but I did get busy very soon after, didn't think about it much until years later and the Color Purple comp came up and I remembered I had a shot, fortunately I had keyworded a lot of the shots, a quick search and up it came.
Most of my post processing is done in Lightroom, fairly general stuff. This one, from the beginning - auto tone ( its a first step on almost every photo ) then, brightened the shadows a little as well as the highlights, increased the clarity about 20 on the slider cause it did look a little soft, increased the vibrance a touch and that was it.
In my camera bag
I have 2 bodies, a mk2 and a mk3 although the mk2 is rarely used unless the other is time lapse shooting or set up for long exposures. I carry a few lenses, a 17-40 is the most used, sharp and a very versatile lens, the 70-200 F2.8 is the best lens ever made, As tough as they come, bright and fast. Also, I have the 100mm Macro, F2.8, invaluable for the sharpest close ups. Also a sigma 12-24mm F4.5 rectilinear- its a little dark and a little heavy but as crisp as you get in any lens, it allows you to shoot so wide that you really can be in front of anyone else and still capture more, a real bonus of this lens is the little post work needed to make the shot perfect. A sigma 15mm F2.8 Fisheye for those times when nothing else will do the job. Also a 2x canon adaptor for the tele lens, great for surf, birds, etc...then of course a tripod usually, I like the 055 Manfrrotto, its a beast, solid and quite heavy but its the one you want if the wind is blowing and you definitely want that steady as a rock tripod. If Im in for a longer walk I'll use a small carbon fibre Giotto. I carry also a couple of 600ex flashes, so I can be ready anything, hopefully. Its a heavy bag when I take the lot, but I use a Crumpler bag that is very comfortable for longer walks and a Lowepro backpack with wheels for shoots and studio work.
There are the normal rules for composition, thirds. I often shoot the upper right third for interest. Its seems a logical spot on the viewfinder to have the eye drift to, which of course can relate perfectly to the viewer. Then there are the creative possibilities. shooting down an avenue needs an interest point but also a secondary area for your eye to drift back to. My idea is that you would like the viewer to stay with the picture for a while and to do that, making the eye go from one point then to other area in the picture. This Picture in particular does it by the top 2 thirds interest point is where the road leads to and is also the brightest point, eyes naturally wander to brighter areas, then secondary is the trees on the left. It then takes you again back down the road to the bright point.

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