Bloody Forest





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The Beauty Of Fall Photo Contest 2018Top 10 class
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Our National Parks Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Monthly Pro Vol 27 Photo ContestTop 10 class


Behind The Lens

This image was taken in the little enchanted woods of Lohme on Rügen. It's the biggest Island of Germany, located at the Baltic Sea.
I took this image on a cold sunday in the afternoon. It was November, almost a month before Christmas, and you could feel the frosty winds blowing from the sea towards the island. The days are getting darker at that time of the year and it's that particular emotion and that tiny rest of light that are captured in the image which makes it so special for me!
Actually, while taking the image I didn't think a lot about the light. I just saw this beautiful little forest with autumn leaves and the light shone in that typical way as it does when autumn goes over to winter. The natural circumstances were just perfect for taking photos!
For this image I used a Sony Nex-5n. Just the camera, my hands and eyes - nothing else!
Well, I need no other inspiration than nature itself and what nature shows us every single day!
For all the editing and post-processing I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. So, I tried to let the image as natural as possible. But, nevertheless, I played a little bit around with the colours. I like this dark red tones a lot, it really fits to the time of the year I took it and therefore makes it more dramatic!
In my camera bag
Usually you can find the following items in my bag: A Sony-A77 Camera, one or two Lenses (16 - 50mm, 18 - 35mm), accus, remote control and trigger, SD cards and various ND filters. Of course, it always depends on what I want to shoot and how much weight I want or I need to carry! Sometimes I also carry the big tripod, sometimes just the little Gorilla Pod always according to the circumstances.
In my opinion, it's important not to think too much, if you know what I mean?! Many stunning images result from coincidence. So, don't think, just do it by using what nature gives you!

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