Canale Grande Gondola II





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Behind The Lens

I visited the beautiful city of Venice in April 2019. It was a fabulous day to explore the Canale Grande (Grand Canal) and the magnificent spots of the city.
It was the first day of my visit. I walked along the canals the whole day and I could not get enough of its beauty. I guess, it was around midday when I arrived at the Grand Canal and the atmosphere was almost perfect with the clouds covering the harsh sunlight you usually have at that time of the day.
As I said above, usually midday is not the best time for photographers because you often are in a situation with too harsh sunlight - good for high contrasts but worse for smooth lightgames. But I was lucky, the sky was covered by clouds which were perfect for my vision.
I use my Sony A-77 for some years now and I am still happy with it. This trip was perfect for testing my Sigma 10 - 20mm F3.5 I bought before - it fits really well with architecture etc. As you can see, this photograph is a long exposure. Obviously, you need a tripod for this - I do not prefer any big brand, it should be stable enough for having a good result only (i.e. sharpness).
I love doing long exposures and sceneries with water in it are absolutely suitable for this technique. I walked along the Grand Canal in Venice being almost overwhelmed by its traffic of boats and Gondolas and the massive flood of tourists. So, I wanted to create kind of a resting area for calming down a bit. That is why I sat down by the Canal arranging my equipment and I started to do some long exposures while the people around me kept rushing through Venice.
For post-processing I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. I wanted to enhance the lights and contrasts a bit and I put a dramatic atmosphere into the image.
In my camera bag
On a photowalk I usually have my Sony A-77 with me and one or two lenses. It depends on what I want to catch - often I use my Sony 16 - 50mm F2.8 because you can do almost everything with this lens. If you want to do long exposures you need a tripod. A filter-system might be necessary either - it depends on the lighting you might have. And last but not least having various accus/batteries, memory cards and tiny stuff like that in your bag is quite useful as well!
My advice for you is: Have courage for experimenting! You can read plenty of "How-To...."-stuff but the best way to improve your skills is just going out, shooting something and experimenting! It still helps me a lot for my visions!

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