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From this mess my wife create beautiful paintings.

From this mess my wife create beautiful paintings.
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Superb Composition
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Macro Abstractions Photo ContestTop 30 class
Macro Abstractions Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1
Indoors And Natural Light Photo ContestTop 30 class
Indoors And Natural Light Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
I Love This Room Photo ContestTop 10 class
Creative Compositions Photo Contest Vol3Top 30 class
Creative Compositions Photo Contest Vol3Top 30 class week 1
Covers Photo Contest Vol 35Top 30 class
Covers Photo Contest Vol 35Top 20 class week 1


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GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 February 23, 2016
Interesting image.
RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka February 23, 2016
Thanks so much.
terryc PRO+
terryc March 03, 2016
It looks like you're both very talented!! Cool shot, Ruwan!
RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka March 04, 2016
Yes she is. More than me. Thanks, much appreciated.
NanaSue54 PRO
NanaSue54 March 13, 2016
Her paintings are beautiful !! :)
RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka March 13, 2016
Thanks. Samantha will be over the moon when I tell her.
onyanita PRO+
onyanita April 04, 2016
the end result is what is important not the mess LOL....looks very talented to me!
RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka April 05, 2016
Thanks so much for the review, I will let her know. Will be very pleased.
kathyk_abq April 09, 2016
Love this slice-of-life shot!
RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka April 09, 2016
Thanks so much.
paulbeattiephotography September 29, 2016
Hi Ruwan I am also an artist. Does your wife have a website or fb page. Would love to see her works! Cheers Paul.
RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka September 29, 2016
Thanks Paul. But she don't have a page.
mihrt October 08, 2016
I can see that she does do wonderful work - some of us have to get 'right into it' when we are creating - I understand how she works!!
RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka October 09, 2016
Most appreciated. Thank you.
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 January 30, 2017
Interesting work, voted Covers
RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka January 31, 2017
Most appreciated.
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 December 18, 2017
Voted I Love this Room
RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka December 18, 2017
Thanks for the encouragement.
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 May 03, 2018
Voted Indoors and Natural Light