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katrinamuirlittle November 13, 2015
micfos November 13, 2015
thank you both so much :)
diani November 24, 2015
powerful! beautiful view
rmbgdp February 07, 2016
Absolute fun...great shot...nice composition.
ovosphotography February 14, 2016
nina050 April 11, 2016
This is great! And great title...
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the heart of my hometown, Melbourne. I'm a self taught photographer, and the more i learn, the more passionate I become.
This is one of my favorite photos, it gives me the feeling that it could have been taken anywhere in the world in some remote location, and not in the heart of a major city. It was around 2pm September 2015 when i capture this shot. It was a day that i felt inspired to get my walking legs on and cover some miles around our beautiful city.
Lighting was all natural. Although it was the middle of the day, the lighting was good, not to harsh thanks to the clouds being out.
The only equipment i used was a Nikon D5300 with a Nikon 18-200 3.5/5.6 Shot at F/5 1/60 iso 100 @40mm, with a UV filter. Hand held.
Whilst walking the city, i was capturing some shots of this magnificent building, deciding to walk around it to see what different angels i could get, i came this one spot, looked up and 'bam' there it was, the photo you now see. For me it was a must have shot.
I did very little post processing with this Raw shot. I used Light Room to crop slightly, added a touch of contrast and finally a light brush stroke in the bottom left corner to add the effect
In my camera bag
I only have 1 camera so far, so I have the Nikon D5300, with a Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G a Nikon 50mm 1.8g and a Nikon 10-24mm 3.5, Tripod, ND filters, Polarising filters and UV filter, i also carry 2 batteries, a remote, a lens cleaning pen and a micro fiber cloth. One day soon, i hope to transfer to a Full Frame setup
My advice would be to, go that extra yard, you never know what lays around the corner, just as i found out with this photo. Have a go at shooting multiple different angels as the picture changes dramatically with each view. You will never stop learning in this field, and you will always keep surprising yourself especially when your starting out. The one thing i try and do, is to have the viewer feel like they are there, want to be there, imagine the story a shot tells, for we are the story teller and the viewer is our reader.

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