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This was shot from inside the St. Louis Arch in August of 2006. Despite the majorly scratched windows and the camera being a Polaroid digital point & shoot, the...
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This was shot from inside the St. Louis Arch in August of 2006. Despite the majorly scratched windows and the camera being a Polaroid digital point & shoot, the shot came out much better than expected.
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BessieV November 19, 2018
Makes one think how insignificant our problems are. Great shot!
speedshark PRO+
speedshark November 20, 2018
I am shocked and humbled. Thank you so much!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken from the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis back in 2006. I was excited about this trip because I had been fascinated with the Arch and its construction when I was younger.
It was late afternoon when this was shot. The park had a nice crowd spread throughout.
The sun was starting to go down and the the area below was shaded by the city.
This was shot with my first digital camera: a Polaroid x530 point & shoot. It had a unique sensor that captured colors in a different manner from normal digital cameras, but with several drawbacks, it turns out. It had a terrible low-light threshold and anything shot on ISO 400 or higher was incredibly noisy, causing this photo to be fairly difficult to get without a tripod.
Being at the top of the Arch was something I had wanted to experience since I had first learned about it as a child. I had seen the crowd enjoying a free concert while I was approaching the Arch, yet it wasn't until I saw it from that height that I was able to appreciate the beauty of it.
I cropped this out of a much larger photo. Generally, I like to try and get my composition set up properly through the lens, but the camera I was using left me at a serious disadvantage there.
In my camera bag
I like to shoot a variety of styles, depending on my mood at that moment. I usually carry my Canon 5D Mk 4 with either a 100mm Macro L or a 24-105mm L. I also have a 16-35mm L and a 100-400mm L that I will carry along for certain outdoor trips.
I never feel like I have good advice for other photographers as I find I am still learning after 20 years. The one thing that I can think of is: be patient! Sometimes you just have to wait for the shot to look just "right". I had several shots in which the crowd was too uneven on one side but after about 10 minutes, it finally balanced out and I was pleased with the final result!

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