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From The Top Photo Contest
Lorenz Holder
I grew up in Munich, close to the Bavarian mountains, and it is those mountains that have always played a major role in my life. I was fascinated by photos that could describe a whole scene, a whole story or even a whole day, in just one small moment caught on film. This fascination was one of the biggest motivations for me to start my career as a professional photographer. Right now I work as senior photographer for Pleasure Snowboard Magazine and as a staff photographer for Nitro Snowboards.
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The total prize value is $400 plus the bragging rights. Prizes are delivered through Amazon and cash prizes are sent via Paypal.
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There are 3,232 submissions.
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You always maintain all the rights to your photos. By entering the contest you accept VIEWBUG's terms of use. AI generated images are not elegible to win.
"Receiving a prize I would say it is always an amazing feeling"
- vladgeorgescu

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