Maggie Laps Water Up At Cattle Tank

Maggie depends on the adhesive properties of water to lap liquid into her mouth. It actually takes three or four laps for Maggie to work the water along her ton...
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Maggie depends on the adhesive properties of water to lap liquid into her mouth. It actually takes three or four laps for Maggie to work the water along her tongue and the roof of her mouth and into the throat. While Maggie does pick up a certain amount of water by curling the undersides of her tongue, most of that ends up back in the bowl (or elsewhere). When things really start to happen is when Maggie uses a flattened tongue that barely nicks the surface of the water before snapping back, and when it does so it manages to pull a column of liquid (shown in this photo) into the air behind it--a column that Maggie can then bite down on almost as she would a solid.

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horsegalraye PRO
horsegalraye March 06, 2015
REALLY cool shot!!!!
1Ernesto March 06, 2015
Thanks and as you say "REALLY cool shot!!!!!" it took hundreds of tries to make this one happen.
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman March 07, 2015
It's a lot of work for dogs to get enough water to rehydrate themselves. Great shot
1Ernesto March 07, 2015
It sure is and now that I know why they are so messy in the house when lapping water it is much more forgivable.
chuckrickman March 07, 2015
One in a million. Thank you for explaining.
1Ernesto March 07, 2015
Thanks! My new camera is really a fast focus machine and had a lot to do with accomplishing this shot. I'm really proud of this shot and at the same time glad to have this goal accomplished. Thanks very much for the "Absolute Masterpiece" peer recognition and the nice comment on the detail explanation.
lsears79 March 11, 2015
Wonderful capture. I'm sure Maggie would agree. Appreciate all your explanations. Kudos!
1Ernesto March 12, 2015
This has to be my most scientific based photo to date. Thanks for the "Superb Composition" peer recognition and the kind comment on the explanation.
Cookie1 March 17, 2015
Oh my! This is a most amazing photo...............
1Ernesto March 17, 2015
This may have first been discovered in Super slow-mo-video but I can report that Maggie met the challenge ::(^____^)::
kathleenweetman PRO
kathleenweetman March 20, 2015
Maggie is both gorgeous and soooo clever...Voted ...kathleen
kathleenweetman PRO
kathleenweetman March 30, 2015
Voted ...k
kathleenweetman PRO
kathleenweetman March 30, 2015
Flosno April 16, 2015
Your perseverance paid off with this amazing capture....thank YOU so much for sharing both the pic and explanation
1Ernesto April 16, 2015
Thanks! I figure this is a once in a lifetime capture and for sure I will not try to do it again. Love the "Outstanding Creativity" peer recognition ::(^___^)::
kathleenweetman PRO
kathleenweetman May 02, 2015
Voted Photography 101...you know of course that I love MAGGIE whenever and wherever I see her....she is a cutie Ernesto
joycealicesmith January 07, 2016
Great shot!! Love the name Maggie! :-)
1Ernesto January 07, 2016
Thanks! I have not seen one like this shot in ViewBug as of yet. I appreciate the "superb composition" peer recognition.
JDLifeshots February 07, 2016
Great capture! Voted How Nobody Else Sees It.