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devinjohnstonlee January 03, 2015
Wow, fantastic change! Converted a snap shot into a masterpiece!
William_Doyle January 03, 2015
Thank you! :)
Robb PRO
Robb January 20, 2015
really, really like this
William_Doyle January 20, 2015
Thanks Robb. :)
InnateArtist PRO+
InnateArtist February 26, 2015
This is really an excellent shot! You really captured it well1
William_Doyle February 26, 2015
Thanks! Was a lot of fun that day.
BOOKINGFRIAR March 25, 2015
Can feel the atmosphere of living in here, the noise and sound of the inmates as they go about daily life.
William_Doyle March 25, 2015
I am pretty sure this place is probably haunted. It was open for a long time.
BrilliantSun PRO+
BrilliantSun August 24, 2017
Dead Man Walking!!!! Great shot.

Behind The Lens

Eastern State Peniteniary
In the morning, around 10 am.
The lighting was difficult. It was an old building and most of the light came from the skylights and there were very dark shadows.
Canon 5D Mark ii, 16-35mm "Luxury" lens, vanguard tripod, remote shutter release.
This being a prison there wasn’t much to take photos of other than the hallways and some of the rooms. When I came to this particular wing I had to wait my turn because others had the same Idea I had however, they weren’t using a tripod. The view in this hallway was very interesting with the steps and the skylights going into the hallway. I looked at it and liked it so I snapped a few shots.
Really all I did was color curves/levels, Topaz Clarity, Topaz Adjust and HP filter. Nothing fancy. I had to lighten some of the shadows because anything not near a window was very dark.
In my camera bag
The usual, A dust cloth, batteries for both the camera and flash and filters. And of course, my little rubber ducky duster blower. Can't leave the house without it. I just (FINALLY) got a new lens (100-400mm, Canon). I won't be able to carry around my little bag anymore. However, I'll take that trade off any day. :)
I use a tripod exclusively. I know others will say that you don't need to do that but I find that I get the best results with taking photos with one. For this type of shot I would say it was a must. It was dark but everything was still and I could keep the shutter open as long as I needed, I just had to adjust the highlights after to tone them down some. Make sure you take everything in before setting up and taking the shot. I had to wait in line for so I had time to figure what I wanted and what I didn't want in there. I like the tripod because I just can't tolerate motion blur in my photos. I spent thousands on lens so why wouldn't I want to get the most out of them as far as sharpness goes. There is always more than one one way to get the results you want. Enjoy

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