Old Red Mill_2

The day this photograph was taken had perfect conditions. It was wind free and I could have stayed all day snapping pictures of this mill and the man fishing. I...
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The day this photograph was taken had perfect conditions. It was wind free and I could have stayed all day snapping pictures of this mill and the man fishing. I like this photo because it is bright and the wispy clouds add some depth and make the photo more interesting. This mill is in the old town of Clinton, NJ and if you are ever in that area its worth a visit.

Also, this Mill is in the opening scene of the movie, In & Out with Tom Selleck. My wife was watching this movie and ran in and showed me, I compared my photos of the place and then looked online and sure enough, this was the place in the opening scene.
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Sandyfriedkin1942 PRO+
Sandyfriedkin1942 September 26, 2014
Wonderful scene. beautifully composed. Love your POV. I'm on a mission to photograph old Grist Mills. I'll be going to Va., N.C., S.C., & Ga., to photograph as many as I can in
a week starting in Mid October. I live in Florida & haven't seen the fall colors in almost 20 yrs. Sandy
William_Doyle September 26, 2014
This place caught completely off guard. We thought a small museum, which is what that grist mill is. However, it turned out that that grist mill was part of a small village of old homes. On the other side of the river, muscians were playing in the small village. Was such a pretty scene, the whole thing.
signathus September 29, 2014
Wicked shot Bill!
William_Doyle September 29, 2014
Thank man! :)
Sandyfriedkin1942 PRO+
Sandyfriedkin1942 November 18, 2014
This one is the best! Sandy
William_Doyle November 18, 2014
Thanks so much!
Dunner PRO
Dunner December 08, 2014
Very captivating and intriguing. So much to it, the textures, layers, composition, grand perspective, movement, yet peaceful. Your story behind it makes it even cooler. Nice work. Congrats!
William_Doyle December 09, 2014
It was perfect that day, Thank you!
Q-Vision PRO+
Q-Vision March 10, 2015
Nicely done - I like the whole set of the Red Mill series. This one is great with the composition, details and colours.
William_Doyle March 10, 2015
Thank you, I'll be back in the Spring when everything comes back to life again.

Behind The Lens

Clinton, NJ. In Hunterdon County. This is the Red Mill Museum and Village.
About mid morning.
The light was perfect, no wind and pretty wispy clouds. Beautiful September day.
Canon 5D Mark ii 16-35mm L, Alta Pro Tripod. Remote shutter release.
My wife was asking me to go here for a while. Finally I agreed, she can be very persuasive. I was expecting a small museum which was the mill in the photo but there was actually an entire village there as well and behind us there was a small town with musicians playing in the street. The entire scene was great and set a wonderful mood.
I did color curves, Topaz Clarity and Topaz Adjust and finished up with a High Pass filter. Didn't have to do too much considering how nice it was on this day. I also removed some spots with the healing brush.
In my camera bag
I carry a small bag with me that contains filters, a flash,lens pen and dust cloth and of course batteries for both the flash and the camera.
Explore the area in where you live. Take as much in as possible. We were going places every weekend this past summer, weather permitting, and during the week we were researching our next day trip. We did that often this past summer and found some great areas for photographs and had a great time. Too bad Summer is so short. Enjoy.

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