1958-59 Chevy Pickup

Found this in the woods quite by accident. It was behind a series of crumbling houses. These houses have been empty for some time. ...
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Found this in the woods quite by accident. It was behind a series of crumbling houses. These houses have been empty for some time.
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ckvaile1 March 24, 2018
So very very cool

Behind The Lens

I took this in the Sourlands Mountain Preserve, somewhere between Hillsborough NJ and Hopewell Township.
Probably sometime before noon.
Getting near mid day the sun was pretty strong and was falling between the trees so there were very bright spots and dark areas.
I used an Alta pro tripod, canon 5d Mark ii and 16-35mm lens. The light was pretty good and didn't require anything fancy.
This area is loaded with abandoned homes that beg to be explored. I previously checked out this area but completely missed the back yard of this place. In it was this truck that looked like it had been parked in the early 60's and left there. I am amazed that this places has all these homes that look like the owners walked out years ago and never came back and left everything as it was. The area here is pretty remote and there really isn't much in the way of graffiti and so fourth which makes me was to just explore more.
Curves, luminosity masks, topaz clarity and adjust, spot removal. Making the usual edits on the raw file.
In my camera bag
My bag has grown over the years but really, I only carry a small bag with me that contains batteries, filters, lens pen and wipes to clean off the glass. In my car I carry the rest of my gear and lenses.
I love to explore. I found pretty much all my interesting photographs from driving around with my wife and going down roads not traveled. I know that sounds cliché but it so very true. All of my photos have a story behind them and that story is just as interesting as the photo hopefully is. This past Sunday we were wandering around and ended up at a 4H fair in the next town over. I grabbed my camera as I always do and planned to snap off a few shots (turned out to be about 11GB's) however, while we walked around we came across a cowboy on a golf cart who looked uncannily familiar. He drove by on his golf cart waving to folks and then I remembered where I had seen him. Earlier in the summer, we got lost while looking for a set of waterfalls that were in the area. Getting lost is not uncommon for us but usually it leads to some great shots. In this particular instance, we ended up at Dude Ranch that Google Maps insisted a road ran through but was really a muddy trace and a driveway. I had no intention of driving any further and had planned to turn around but it was a gorgeous day. On a lark, I went inside and asked if they would mind if I walked around with my camera and photographed some of the horses. They said no problem, I signed a waiver protecting them if I did anything silly and I promised to give them copies of any good photos, which I did. One of the folks I spoke to was the cowboy I saw yesterday at the 4h fair. Nice guy and he remembers us. He invited us back up to take photos for a rodeo happening later in the month. We never got to the falls that day but we had such a fun time chatting with the ranch hands that we just didn’t seem to care. I know this was long winded however, my point is, get out and explore the area you live in. Some of the best photos are right in your own back yard. A good imagination goes a long way.

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