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onyanita PRO+
onyanita September 26, 2014
gorgeous light, colour and textures...congrats on being a Finalist
William_Doyle September 26, 2014
Thank you sir. :)
SnowbunnyPhotography December 05, 2014
This is beautiful. Nice long exposure shot. Voted! Good luck. :-)
William_Doyle December 05, 2014
Thank you Bunny. :)

Behind The Lens

Ricketts Glen, Pennsylvnia
I took this around 9 am in the morning. I prefer morning to shoot. I like the light in the morning and there usually isn't any wind yet.
Morning light is great. It has a particular quality that I love in my photographs. I will usually arrive very early and greet the sun and make the most of the morning light.
For this image I used a Canon 5D Mark II, 16-35mm L lens and a Alta Vista Tripod along with a variable density ND filter.
I went to this park specifically for the waterfalls. 3.5 miles of pretty rugged hiking with 24 named waterfalls, one right after another. Someone once said to me that you have to do the work to get quality images and I believe that this is true because I definitely had to work on this day. I filled up an entire card with waterfall photographs however the light was just right for this particular image. I love waterfalls and am constantly looking for new ones within travel distance of our home.
For this image, I did color curves along with Topaz Adjust, Clarity and Detail. I finished up with a High Pass Filter. Didn't have to do too much.
In my camera bag
I usually travel light. I only have the 16-35mm which never comes off the camera body. Batteries for the flash and camera, a lens pen and a cloth for keeping dust off the lens and an extra memory card.
Timing and patience. Wind is a killer and would have ruined the back ground in this image. You'll find though that when around moving water that there is a slight wind. The water is cool and on a humid day the temperature variation from the air and wind will cause a breeze. Take a look around you and make sure you aren't including elements in your photograph that will take away from the subject. 2 seconds for an image like this is more than enough for the water to look good. Anything more than that and you risk getting over exposed areas in the image. With a 2 second shutter speed set, adjust the aperture as needed so you don't over/under expose the image.

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