Old Spanish Trail, Nevada
Milky way peeking thru the clouds

Old Spanish Trail, Nevada
Milky way peeking thru the clouds
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trune66 July 22, 2014
Fantastic photo, love the motion in the clouds,the contrast between the sky and the mountains but especially the spot of light at the base of the mountains. Great shot.
traceprinslooreppin July 25, 2014 shot Matt, congrats on your Staff Favourite :-)
trune66 July 25, 2014
Congratulations for staff favorite.
geophoto Premium
geophoto August 02, 2014
One word description . . . Wow!
pat-rice440 August 05, 2014
Fabulous work!
nornots PRO
nornots January 04, 2015

Behind The Lens

Spanish Trail, Las Vegas Nevada
After midnight
The light from the Moon was just bright enough to light the clouds but not blow out the stars and the the small section of Milky Way faintly peeking through the clouds
Canon 60d with my Canon 18-135 mm lens
I started out at the 1st Creek area in Red Rock National Conservation. A combination of light noise from Las Vegas the Moon and a heavy cloud cover didn't make for idea shooting. I packed up my stuff and decided to try this location because I had shot a Blood Moon from it earlier in the year. So I actually by luck got this image by luck of a last minute decision to make a quick move.
I use Photoshop for post processing. I did a noise reduction and used the selection tool to adjust the sky and ground separate of each other to make some exposure, contrast and level adjustments then contrasted the the two layers together for depth.
In my camera bag
Canon 60d, Canon 18-135mm, Pro Master 11-18mm and Tamron 70-300mm
Lots of practice and shooting multiple images at a large range of settings since the night sky isn't the same every night depending on many conditions. 1st I set the lens to infinity and typically always leave my F-stop at 3.5 and try to stay around 20 to 25 second shutter speed. Depending on the Moon and light contamination I start out my ISO out at 800 for a starting point and move it up or down depending on how the image looks.

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