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45 Comments | Report
maikwegner August 24, 2014
nice img
jenzen August 24, 2014
I fear spiders but even I think this is beautiful! :))
michaeltillman PRO+
michaeltillman August 24, 2014
This is incredible. How in the hell did you get this shot. It almost look staged, but I like it. Congrats on the Feature. I know you'll get manny, manny more!
vbsuzanne33_ca1117751 August 24, 2014
iceman2 August 24, 2014
Wonderful shot.Congrats!
debhall PRO+
debhall August 24, 2014
Wow...awesome shot...congrats on your feature!
FrankSomma PRO+
FrankSomma August 24, 2014
Oh those spiders from Mars, so Iggy Pop. I really enjoy seeing shots like this on the Featured Page. An appreciation of imagination and creativity realized with the talent and expertise to make it "real". All that and a killer title. Randy everyone who visits here just had to go to your page and take a walk on the wild side. Tip o the cap dawg!!
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo August 24, 2014
Amazing shot! Congrats on your Feature!
courtneymitchell-rush PRO
courtneymitchell-rush August 24, 2014
Awesome! Creative! Gives personality to spiders! Love it!
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 August 24, 2014
Amazing shot... Congrats! ")
Capture-Life August 24, 2014
bahahah WOOW ! sooo aahmazing !! Big Congrats !! :D
Nurlan_Tahirli PRO+
Nurlan_Tahirli August 24, 2014
I had so much fun when I see this picture :)
Darren_Almond August 24, 2014
Top job done, awesome shot!!
AnanyaM August 24, 2014
This is really creative!!!
TammyN August 24, 2014
Oh my, lol!
chrissy2rn August 24, 2014
Just when I thought I had seen it all... Congrats on the shot! :) Amazing.
oliviapenna August 24, 2014
ltj August 24, 2014
My deepest phobia,very creepy,crazy thought,very well done,COOL edit,CONGRATS-A+
parthgupta August 24, 2014
This is amazing....
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta August 24, 2014
Great image. Congratulations on being Featured.
DhirenBhundiaPhotography Premium
DhirenBhundiaPhotography August 25, 2014
Wonderful Shot, Love it....:)
vojce PRO
vojce August 25, 2014
great shot
JeffreyA PRO
JeffreyA August 25, 2014
Congrats. . Very creative. . Creepy. But creative
Vestat_Vesa August 25, 2014
pic is cool, but, as a 3d designer, I guess the phonograph does not actualy look real. Lines are too sharp, texture is too soft and flat, shadows are covering too much the ground...
By the way, nice idea and awesome execution of the macro spider!
onyanita Premium
onyanita August 28, 2014
ha ha very clever...awesome! Congrats on the Feature.
gswell September 01, 2014
Fantastic image outside the box for creative thinking
tigfong September 15, 2014
clever theme and great comp shot
StuXD1 September 27, 2014
Huntsman enjoying a tune
JoseV October 16, 2014
This is a beautiful scary spider. Great shot.
ideacubes October 23, 2014
BlazeIrish October 24, 2014
One of my big fears! Cool shot though! Great job!
_mp_ January 27, 2015
when the funk gets you ;)
CherylG February 17, 2015
Incredible work!!! Congrats on being featured & well deserved!!!
Jv_99 March 06, 2015
what's he listening to? awesome pic!
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman March 28, 2015
Too freaking funny.....love it
guybahonsrichardson April 02, 2015
That is one cool assed spider!
Kristnccsu April 02, 2015
Is it dead. Do they walk on their arms?
Clark_Engbrecht May 27, 2015
Love it!
CARRNNO July 05, 2015
I am a huge fan of spiders and insects on a whole, and this is a photo of a spider unlike any i have ever seen . Great job i am blown away by how awesome this photo is!!!!
CARRNNO July 05, 2015
I have a question, one of your comments says that when shooting insects getting close to them is key, and then you were talking about what equipment to use and you had referred to " tubes" i just want to know what tubes are ? Because i am only a rookie photographer but my main subjects are insects because i love them and of coarse there easy to find.
debbrooken-smith October 27, 2015
this made me smile. great.
RoadKing1985 PRO
RoadKing1985 January 10, 2016
You see? Even scary little creatures like music! Music in their hearts too! HAHA:) Nice capture. Yea we have some fancy little desert wolf spiders too in Arizona. Love this one! Thanks for sharing!:) Good luck in contest:)
InfinitysEDGEphotography September 30, 2016
This is awesome!
paigephotography October 03, 2016
This made me smile. Love the light and composition. Even the display. Its super cute.
lorridecandia October 27, 2016
All your works of art are amazing. I really like them all.

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Behind The Lens

In my backyard near my swimming pool grotto.
I used the shadows near the grotto to displace the strong mid-day sun.
I used a Canon 7D EOS hand-held with a Sigma 50mm 1:2,8 macro lens.
I found the deceased Wolf Spider in my a yard. I am afraid of spiders, but love to photograph them. It helps me deal with my fear I suppose.
I added a 3D phonograph to the image to give it a quirky feel and to substantiate the equally quirky title. I made some exposure and shading adjustments in Lightroom as well.
In my camera bag
Canon 7D, tripod, 70-300mm lens, macro lens, 17-85mm lens, lens cleaning materials
With Spiders or insects in general, getting close seems to be key. Always use a macro lens or tubes to get those wonderful details. With deceased insects feel free to move them to some kind of interesting light or backdrop.

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