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BBBimagemediastudios August 31, 2016
Cool concept with this image might have lighten the camera to see it better but very cool concept
Felipe August 31, 2016
Pretty good, very sexy!
BrunoHeeb September 04, 2016
amazing shot,got my vote
Luigi74 October 01, 2016
Perfect.... All sense
tapioniemi January 22, 2017
Wonderful... She is a subject, a photographer, reversing roles, and a sexual object at the same time.
That's a very demeaning statement! "Quote on quote"That the girl is just a sexual object in this composition
metinkent February 03, 2017
love this so much
pietnel February 20, 2017
Fabulous stunning shot
joejukes February 23, 2017
Amazing shot, has everything!
vitor February 25, 2017
sik-life June 07, 2017
I love the pose, awesome picture. Very nice.
RSKATZ October 01, 2017
amazing shot, really pretty and sexy model. great work
artieboy53 October 03, 2017
Beautiful girl, sexy behind and gorgeous blue eyes!
Eyeteeth March 01, 2018
Without doubt the most genuinely sexy photo in the 'sexy photo contest'. Playful, sweet and not over preened or processed into a mannequin state. Congratulations to both concerned.
DannyBarkerPhotography March 03, 2018
Beautiful shot of a stunning model at an awesome angle!!
SafariShootS March 09, 2018
Killer shot, well done. Love this shot.
Steve_Lewis May 12
Love it! I just started a self portrait challenge if you feel like taking part :)

today's second shot





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