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darlenenicholson September 04, 2015
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KatherineM84 November 23, 2015
josebonilla December 09, 2015
Very funny and creative shot.
ShannonRogers1 January 06, 2016
LOL I love it, this me to when I'm trying to sneak a beer when the wife is around lol. Brilliant Creativity, top shelf image, pardon the pun lol
bmaini July 29, 2016
HI. Great take. How did you place the camera? Did you use a remote shutter cord
JDLifeshots August 05, 2016
Great creativity! Congrats.
naturisk August 05, 2016
Wow, your images are certainly the most creative that I've seen. This one is so funny, I admire the humour or spiritual character invested into many of your photos.
JoanLoBo September 11, 2016
If those bottles could talk ????Joan
Ideameus March 09, 2018
I love the humour!

a quick one before beer time

just a fun fisheye shot
just a fun fisheye shot
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Behind The Lens

This is in my kitchen at home . This is an old image . I captured it a long time ago when I got my first fish eye lens .
Can't remember ...
The light in the fridge was the only one here .
I used my Panansonic DMC 1 and a fish eye lens which I don't have anymore and can't remember the brand . A cheap one though .
My love for ice cold beers ? :)
Yes . At that time I was trying some HDR techniques . I can see today that I went a bit "too much" ...
In my camera bag
Well it depend what I am going for . If I go for a several day trip I might bring all my lenses (14mm 2.8 , 24mm 1.4 , 35mm 2.8 , 50mm 1.4 , 100mm 2.8 and 70-300mm 4) , my Metabones mark IV adapter EF to FE , my Sony A7RII , reflectors and strobes if needed . But all of these don't fit in one bag only ;)
Just have fun !!

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