Thank you to all the photographers that participated in the World Expeditions Photo Contest in collaboration with Fujifilm, sharing their best photos showing places you love exploring - be creative. Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and a special round of applause for the Grand Jury Winner who wins a Fujifilm XF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 Lens.

A special thanks to our friends Ken Kaminesky and Patrick Di Fruscia for their collaboration as a guest judges. Ken Kaminesky is a veteran commercial travel photographer, Fujifilm Global Ambassador, Zeiss lens Ambassador, writer, consultant, and entrepreneur with decades of experience in the photography industry. His work has been featured worldwide in numerous commercial and editorial publications, including the New York Times and on the cover of National Geographic. His passion for travel and the incredible landscapes and people he encounters along the way are the inspiration for his popular blog, and the other publications he writes for. Patrick Di Fruscia is a World Visionary Fine Art Nature & Landscape Photographer. He spent most of his childhood years away from the city, having been raised mostly in the Canadian countryside. From the time of his birth, his experiences in nature was to become a large influence in affecting his ultimate passion for the beauties of the natural world.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Hidden Lake" by ryanbuchanan

"I chose this as the overall winner because in my honest opinion it has all the visual impact a winning shot should possess. The composition is spot on with great fore- ground elements leading the viewers eyes into the scene. The low placement of the camera helps the viewers feel like he/she is on location. Both light and location are absolutely magical and shot at the perfect time of the day. Processing is also very well done. Bravo..well deserved First place." - Patrick Di Fruscia

"This image just jumped off the screen and made me want to be standing in that very spot at the moment the photo was taken. There is a magic to this shot that inspires me to dream of places too beautiful for words. The editing is beautifully done and there was obvious thought put into the framing and camera placement. This photograph fit in perfectly with the title of the contest. I can’t think of any photographer that wouldn’t want to go on a world expedition to this stunning location. Congrats Ryan, I look forward to seeing what you can do with your new Fujifilm lens!" - Ken Kaminesky

Congratulations Runner Up "Walking on a cloud " by kenvinpinardy

"In photography, as in life, timing is everything. The timing is just right for time of day, lucky timing for the fog, and right timing for our mysterious walker and his horse. Killer shot! One of my favourite things to do is to go for walks in the fog and this location looks like the perfect place to do just that. Beautiful image Kevin." - Ken Kaminesky

"This one was a close second, we both really loved it! This picture definitely tells a story. The visual impact and mood are both outstanding thanks to the beautiful light on the main subject and fog surrounding the landscape and nearby village. Definitely one I would be proud to have in my portfolio." - Patrick Di Fruscia

Congratulations Runner Up "*** Stand Up N Get Counted ***" by shutterchemistry

"Patrick and I run photography tours in Iceland and part of the magic of that country is the insane amount of breathtaking waterfalls. I’ve seen tons of images of waterfalls and have a lot of them in my own portfolio. This is a great take at showing the sheer power of mother nature and the grand scale of a beautiful waterfall with a closely cropped shot. I love the minimalistic approach to this image and the texture in the flowing water. The photographer nailed it on this shot." - Ken Kaminesky

"This was chosen for the sheer visual impact of the image. Here the photog- rapher used the perfect shutter speed, capturing just the right amount of motion in the water. The composition is spot on and the use of a human element with red hoodie definitely shows the grand scale of things showing us how trivial and tiny we are on this magnificent planet." - Patrick Di Fruscia

Congratulations People's Choice "Villa-Belza Biarritz / Pays basque" by thierrydulau

"This looks a lot like where I live, except for the awesome castle like home, incredible medieval like stone wall, and ethereal placement on seaside cliff covered in mist and fog. In other words, it looks nothing like where I live and I love it. The moody sky is compliment- ed nicely by the warm glow of the incandescent lights on the wall. Very well executed image." - Ken Kaminesky 

"Truly a magical location that was very well captured giving it the perfect fairy tale look and feel it deserved. Processing was well executed by creating a dramatic scene. One can easily tell the story of Good and evil here where the ominous clouds are creeping into the scene and slowly engulfing the enchanted caste where lives the princess" - Patrick Di Fruscia

"Colosseum, Rome " by Kaheala

"Neuschwanstein Castle - Germany " by DickMcRitchieFotographie

"Epic Sunset" by Arnar

"The lady and the tower" by JesusSanz

"Rainbow Shed" by albertdros

"New Zealand - Balloons over Lake Matheson" by jacobsurland

"Fisherman" by ssharma

"AIMG_5088[1]" by shy-oob

"Turret Arch Beams" by PFMPhotography

"DSC_0272" by kevinzimmerman

"Winter is Coming" by Geinis

"Eskefossen" by paaluglefisklund

"Seceda" by dfrancis2

"Stormy" by michaelwilson

"Bergen City Reflections" by dslrno

"Search for a Moment" by uriahdavidclark

"Link To The Past" by danieljamesgreenwood

"Alpine Heaven" by martinrosenkranz

"Classic Hamnøy view" by johnygoerend

"On the top" by krasistm

"one became two" by leemonzmoonz

"Bharat Mistry-Manhattan Across the East River" by Q-Vision

"The Racing Cows" by MediaHendriko

"A night under Great Gable " by simonowens

"Kirkjufell pool" by wildlifemoments

"Sunset through the gate" by DafyddEm

"SUM2013012G00441" by marciosuster

"Moonlight Panorama" by Nubcake

"Lunch time !" by florentgaillard

"Matterhorn " by michaeltemple

"20150830-Finland 02-2719" by milert

"Stormy Waterloo Bridge" by Bluebottle

"The Hike to Bøsdalafossur" by edanny

"Aurora above Olenilsoya" by strOOp

"Sunset at Brunnenkogelhaus" by ludwigriml

"Durdle Door " by PhotoDaniel

"The icebreakers" by DennisartPhotography

"Ogoy island, Baikal" by Cookieman

"StarStaX_DSC_7954-DSC_8043_gap_filling-2" by Richo720

"Mount Robson Tent View" by walasavagephoto

"walk the line" by boitasapin

"Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park" by CelestineAerden

"Natures Light Show" by melaniecollie

"Crown Jewel" by kathykuhn100

"Le Mont Saint Michele at Twilight" by kerryellis

"Under the rainbow" by aidagri

"untitled" by stephoko

"Nimoy" by scottmccook

"beauty soul_bambang wirawan_085643889022" by bambang

"Moods of Manarola" by Vishpala

"Crossing Roads" by timmiegodinez

"Selfoss in Iceland" by Rostovskiy

"Snowy Bells" by AnnSagel

"Hole in the Earth" by beyond_the_prism

"Lake Moraine" by leireunzueta

"Mount Bromo Sunrise" by jeromefang

"Snowy stones" by tiffanibradshaw

"Winter in The Rockies" by Tim-Hall

"Starry bridge" by AtzeniLucio

"Road to the Golden Gate" by niclewisphoto

"Watkin's Glen" by DerekKind

"Starry Night at Columbargia" by Luka180

"Reflections - Yosemite National Park" by Subharoy

"...laghi di fusine I..." by roblfc1892

"Cormorant Fishermen" by Frogfish

"Fire-Sky in souterh Utah" by marc-photographie

"Sentinel Sunrise" by pismopup

"Colorado Gold" by crippledangle

"Tuscany Rolls" by ashlibrookephotography

"Below The Horizon" by AleQueroDodge

"Shelf Cloud Over Sugar Grove" by jodimair

"Peggy'a Cove, Nova Scotia" by SFalagario_photos

"j tree arch rock keat wide shot" by MikeSoulopulos

"SkĂłgafoss, Iceland." by anaencinas

"Phare du petit Minou (2)" by slegars

"Venice" by lenaschlmersndergaardangioni

"Starry starry night in Monument Valley" by msredrum

"Eilean Donan Castle" by andreabovolo

"Penguins of Ballestas" by Laska

"Living Gazelles" by Mbeiter