From towering mountains that pierce the heavens to cascading waterfalls that awaken the senses, from serene meadows bathed in golden sunlight to dramatic coastlines carved by the relentless forces of the sea – this photo contest invited you to showcase the splendor of our planet's diverse landscapes. Congratulations to the grand jury winner that won a one roundtrip ticket to Reykjavík, Iceland from a major US or European city.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Kirkjufell at Ground Level" by kenfong_7038

Congratulations People's Choice "When the sun plays" by saintek

Congratulations Runner Up "stubai-ppdemeijer-1" by peter_paul

Congratulations Runner Up "Calm Pasture" by 17carlerskine

Congratulations Runner Up "Banff Reflection" by dixiejbrumm

Congratulations Runner Up "Rays of light" by adrianstanica

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Roads of the Faroe Islands" by rpgdepictions

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Ohana" by ChrisWilliamsEXP

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Valley View" by JeffNBrenner