In the "Blurry Visions" photo contest, we celebrated the beauty of blur and invited you to play with clarity and fuzziness, and to try out motion blur, soft focus, or any way you can make images look interestingly unclear, with chances to win a SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7, and more cool prizes! Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Arriva o va " by nataliabondarenko

"Natural History Museum, London " by JayLawler

"Reflection " by oscardjrock

"Yumthang Valley " by amanullahminhaz

"IMG_7519 " by gunveersingh

"Confusion " by mehrdadvojdani

" " by LukeLawley

"Maggie and hand in window.JPG " by SteveZeinner

"Natureโ€™s Blurred Telescope " by jodiemaltby

"self " by (A)SJWebb

"Blur " by (A)Runaque

"The Night Train " by rubensantos

" " by johnanundson

"six string " by Sensei

"Bokeh " by Jamie_Kaplan_1917

"43 (1) " by wsugalski

"two-faced " by davelord

"Motion " by beckykempf

"Noen love " by kirillgolovan

"Sheeza Lightning Bolt " by ManeFrame

"405A2951 " by Kiseki

"Evening Concert " by peterkitanov

"GSM_5548 " by photoABSTRACTION

"Architecture and style " by eugenecouchee

"Lisa " by kgillespie

"Dance 3 " by Schnabler