scruffyherbert August 21, 2016
A really terrific shot. It really makes you want to get the tent out. Lovely lighting all round.
toddnicholsphoto September 30, 2017
Like the light in the tent. Offers mood in the picture

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Feb, 2016

A night under Great Gable

I had an image in my head for a while now, based on a walk I did about a year ago. The mountain you can see in the distance is Great Gable, which is in part of the Lake District, UK.

Its in a perfect position for both sunset and sunrise, offering two different lighting perspectives. The shot I had intended to get did not happen, as a climb up to another mountain was proving a bit difficult due to the ice, that and I could not locate the actual track in the time I had left. So I opted for this location instead and ran a few shots of with my tent in the foreground while looking over the view and waiting for the light to change.

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