Anderl_R February 18, 2016
excellent work!
jimfbauty February 18, 2016
Looks very Stars Wars like... a giant Sky Hawk blasting something out of distant skies... NO I'm not high... just have an active imagination.
Bill-01 March 12, 2016
Brilliant work. Incredible detail inside.
DiogoNazare May 04, 2016
Great work! It looks magical!
LeanneMWilliams May 05, 2016
DeonG May 05, 2016
Outstanding creativity!
Tyfabz May 27, 2016
Fantastic image.
Mad_bubbles November 18, 2016
It looks like a volcano in the sky
traceymcdonald June 08, 2017
Dark and dangerous! Great picture!
rishikeshkumar July 07, 2017
Amazing shot
Eyeconic July 17, 2017
This is magnificent - bravo
Witmar September 09, 2017
wonderful picture
jgalarza70 September 09, 2017
Love it. You pulled it off. such a warm inviting and mysterious pace. Almost looks like its not on this planet. It looks like its from the movie Pitch Black. The sun is going down and all the creatures are ready to come out. Great Job.
missyfinley September 10, 2017
It's absolutely stunning! I love it..
allydonaldson September 10, 2017
Excellent Image!!, lets the imagination run wild as you could fill it with anything!
TheEconomist September 12, 2017
Epic shot
TimothyPrincehorn September 22, 2017
A bit of magic with the "spark" happening from the cave entrance in the center and above.
edwardwilliamjones October 20, 2017
WOW!! Photo is sick sauce! Where are you?
boltuss2017 January 11, 2018

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Feb, 2016

Link To The Past

This was such an awesome place for me! I have never been inside of a cave before so I didn't really know where to start as far as photographing it.. I know that the light was stunning at the time so I did what I could to dial in a few exposures here before the light faded behind the cloud wall.I did learn one thing. Shooting the inside of a cave is insane hard with tons of light shining in LOL. All in all it was an awesome personal experience and I will say one thing.. I felt like I was in real life Skyrim haha.

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