sadetutka January 23, 2015
This image has great potential. However, I'd try a bit different crop, getting rid of the empty space on the right.
ssharma January 23, 2015
Thanks a lot. I didn't crop it from the right because then the fisherman will be exactly in the center ... plus it won't do justice with the mountains thats gives a nice backdrop .. but thanks for the feedback :)
Roussou February 04, 2015
Great capture, I don't have a problem with the 'empty space' because of the color of the setting sun, in fact I would have liked it if the top of the mountain on the left was visable
ssharma February 04, 2015
Thanks a lot Roussou ! . Yes you are correct. i wish i could have get that too. I was more focused in getting the reflection of the lamp and thats why i missed the top of the mountain .
Elisabeth-photo February 23, 2016
A great one and I agree with Roussou!
Arzhtatiana May 04, 2016
A great shot!
Digamber_Rathore May 26, 2017
Amazing shoot
RandomPhotoes May 28, 2017
Absolute Awsomeness?
kieranpotter June 15, 2017
Lovely image, well done
Neckbone August 31, 2017
Beautiful scene and capture!
Alwolfe September 17, 2017
Absolutely stunning photo!

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