Thank you to all the photographers that shared their shots showing the dark shape and outline of trees in the Silhouettes Of Trees Photo Contest with chances to win an $800 cash prize for the winner's next photo adventure!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Patrick Marson Ong for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contests: "During the day, I am part of the world of entrepreneurship. However, in late 2009 the moment I exposed myself and began to appreciate Mother Nature’s beauty, it was like love at first sight for me. To be able to bring home amazing photographs of the location which I can proudly share to my family and friends plus the exhilarating adventures of rediscovering picturesque sceneries, exploring her beauty, patiently waiting for the ideal lighting and capturing it all at the perfect moment are the reasons why I love doing it."

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "A clear vision" by MartinBisof

"A perfect image for this theme! What a brilliant way to use the central composition. The presence of fog and use of high key here is near perfect. The silhouette of the lone willow tree and birds bring out the soul of this amazing image!" - Patrick Marson Ong

Congratulations Runner Up "morning blessed" by februadi

"An image captured perfectly at the right moment and time. The combination of light and fog that passes through those trees depicts a moody yet subtle atmosphere. And at the same time, the inclusion of the human on a bike brings out a wonderful story in this image." - Patrick Marson Ong

Congratulations Runner Up "Eaton Park Tree Line 14/11/14" by mushroomgodmat

"I was drawn to this image's layers, patterns, and light. It gave out a 3-Dimension feel. Like you are inside of the image itself. Outstanding choice of doing a panorama and processing!" - Patrick Marson Ong

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Bridge in fog" by WiSt

Congratulations People's Choice "GI tree" by johankoch

"Long Shadows" by sbuie1006

"_IMG0306" by Adam_Burke

"Serengeti Sunset" by ron7cal

"one became two" by deguslemon

"Llyn Padarn Tree" by SteveCheetham

"- Ten - " by tom_a_findahl_0381

"When Evening Comes" by chandrairahadi

"That Lone Tree" by jomyjose

"Waves" by diversionphotography

"The Lonely tree" by Steveilad

"IMG_8906-2" by alexriemslag

"Awakening" by AnjiJ

"Into The Mist" by Blue-Maddness

"B& W Birds of Lake Wanaka " by michellemckoy

"Lana-II" by jasonmatias

"Loch Lomond Sunset" by JoePorterPhotography

"Twilight Reflections" by michaelryanphoto

"Skyward" by KunstFabrik

"The Radiant" by AaronShaver

"Wanaka Way - cropped" by Mack_Photography

"Light!" by kimschou

"Irish Savannah" by marekbiegalski

"Light through tree" by FledgelingImages

"Crooked River" by kailamariewalton

"The Big Oak" by eneabarbieri

"_MG_5266" by rupeshtripathi

"Sun Tree" by DJMillard

" Morning Mangroves" by ajay46

"sunrise" by Marcogressler

"IMG_27297-2 Backlit tree 2" by JHancock

"Sunset time" by philomenanunes

"IMG_7547" by brandongill_6246

"lonely tree " by Feeko77

"Winter Shades" by ceridjones

"Alone in the Jungle" by alamsyah_rauf_2216

"Magic light" by varemo

"Dans son ombre." by aldoviola

"Muziekbos2" by LucBaekelandt

"Alabama Fog" by karenlindstrombusby-doss

"**Milky Way Reflections**" by damianmccudden

"Filtered Gold" by LeeBennett

"warm silhouette..." by Robert_Mikk

"Along De Dommel" by Irene_van_Nunen

"Path beneath the Stars " by rickgleason

"Sunburst" by RobSweetman

"misty-mountain-tops" by FrankSomma

"Estranged " by JanPoloni

"Mystic Forrest" by bjornsphoto

"The Lone and Dreary Tree" by seththomas

"Tree" by PaulHenryStudios

"Christmas (Eve) Tree" by davidrelph

"Two of us" by vondan

"Home" by TienSangKok

"Snow Pattern" by SvetlanaYanina

"Tree Sunset - Exposure Correction" by candicemacmillan

"Desert Sunset" by smrezaulhaque

"_7200003" by Pegasus5b

""Winter Swans..."" by StormPath

"_MG_4981" by teddydomagalski

"Silhouette of tree" by gregblomberg

"Foggy morning farm" by DiandraO

"Rachel's Sunset" by hazelmansell-greenwood

"Tree at Sunrise" by carlasears

"Sunset from Coles Bay, Tasmania" by julienjohnston

"EARTH DAY SPECIAL " by Thomsonphotographer

"Lonely Christmas tree" by alechickman

"Starry Night" by jaminschmitt

"The Final Flight" by Willpower128

"Night shadows" by jevgenijscolokov

"DeerRut2015-36" by TaffInLondon

"Sunrise" by SophieConnolly

"P1100784 (1024x768)" by dodefraser

"Between the branches" by giovannivolpe

"Home..." by whaevamakesuhappy

"One Tree Hill" by Kirbsta

"Tree Shapes" by awoisoak

"Africian-Sunrise" by MadonnaAshman

"Deer In The Mist" by SargeNI

"Burning Bush" by mrjcall

"SuNriSe" by Celtic

"Reflected trees" by GloriaMatyszyk

"Tree and the Sun" by Shubh299

"Exmoorfog" by pnewbery

"Mossy" by nikipike

"WanakaTree" by pog_mahone

"!!! Rays of Ripley !!!" by bobbyd-skidmore

"TWO LONELINESS" by alarsen

"Sunset over the Humber River" by Laska

"contrast" by stanleyjohnson

"Rainbow Trees " by clivewinward

"In the shades" by angelassantos

"Sun Break Silhouette" by tylerfisher

"OakFlare" by ruebusch

"Journey On" by sarahthomas

"Lonely" by dashaherman

"Sunrise through Redwoods" by kyleevans

"California Oak & Milkyway" by sachinus2010

"Golden Sunset" by petrabischoff

"Night " by ChloeCPhotography

"That Wanaka Tree" by danialbradford

"Golden morning" by fuzzyfelt30

"Mother Nature's Valentine" by Merma1d

"At the end of the day" by CPF-photography

"Silhouette" by kamyarbaghvand

"Sepia Sunrise" by Grenfell

"Sycamore Gap " by Blackton

"Country Sunset" by chefdrew

"Rising Fast" by robwarrender

"Oak at Sunrise" by tatont1979

"Colorado Aspens" by ericakinsella

"The Tree in Pink" by MikeCeglady