From the intricate patterns on a leaf to the rough surface of a brick wall, for this photo contest, we invited you to share your best shots showing textures like we've never seen 'em before with chances to win a Yeti Hopper Travel Cooler, 50 VIEWBUG Coins, and an exclusive feature.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Lava trident" by Nostroboy

Congratulations Runner Up "Look Mama, i Gots a Stick!" by ManeFrame

Congratulations Runner Up "Fisheye view of a wave from the inside" by OceanArtwork

Congratulations Runner Up "A mustard seed ready to be flame grilled " by AlanBranch360

Congratulations Runner Up "Peeling back Time" by amber322

Congratulations Runner Up "24-TLC_6908" by terrichurchill_1043

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Green tree python " by JohnSmall

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Blue Sky Slot" by michaelmarcoux

Congratulations People's Choice "Light in color circles" by rueysung