Life is filled with beauty in the ordinary, and it's time to celebrate it! From the morning coffee that starts our day to the buildings we pass on our way to work, from the cars that take us places to the people who make us smile - the mundane is filled with hidden wonders. For this photo contest, we invited you to share your favorite everyday captures with chances to win a Tamron AF 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3, 200 VIEWBUG Coins, and more.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Splash" by kerber

Congratulations People's Choice "Let there be Light" by danbucko

Congratulations Runner Up "The Urban Ballerina" by mauriciothomsen

Congratulations Runner Up "Phone Booth" by Boholm

Congratulations Runner Up "Darci un taglio" by cristianogmusa

Congratulations Runner Up "M and S" by MariaSchaeferPhotography

Congratulations Runner Up "IMG_2675 copy" by Delan_M

Congratulations Runner Up "Enjoy your coffee…" by Roses_32

Congratulations Runner Up "Wilson on the Run" by HenrikSpranz

Congratulations Runner Up "A random happening" by joshb_2241

Congratulations Runner Up "Morning Market" by nickyonstenk

Congratulations Runner Up "retired colour (1 of 1)" by MandMPhoto

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Tiny baby hand" by Meike_I

Congratulations Honorary Mention "My Monkey Buba" by mariamercedeszabala

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Lake Placid 2011_00522" by CarolynAnnRyan

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Espresso" by kimayres

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Line Dry" by peterjacoby

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Femina " by Soulcraft

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Valeria and Bogdan" by tsupka

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Coffee" by VividFlowStudio

Congratulations Honorary Mention "On Guard " by lisablevins