ViewBug community member marc-photographie is an adventurer and world traveler. He tours the world capturing some of the coolest and majestic places on earth. Marc is an adventurer himself and  has shared with us his top 6 adventure photo tips.

Sunset Hike by marcbaechtold

1. Identify Your Style: I think the most important thing you can do as an aspiring photographer is to identify a style that fits you as a person and to keep shooting to master it.

An adventurous drive by marcbaechtold

2. Plan Ahead: For me when planning, the use of Google Maps satellite mode works pretty well! When traveling to locations I haven’t been to before, I always plan ahead so I am not missing out any of the good spots in the area once I get there.

Solitude by marcbaechtold

3. Beat The Rush: Taking photos of towns, villages  and cities in great morning light or during the “magic hour” also makes photography a lot more enjoyable! Get out while others are still sleeping or leave for a scenic sunset hikes with a headlamp so you can still be on track when others  are going back!

Leaving to New Shores by marcbaechtold

4. Show Off: Show how beautiful location is by having a person enjoying the scenery or actively doing something within the scene, such as walking along the beach. Doing this also gives a better idea of the actual size of the setting and improves the composition of your image. If you don’t have your travel buddy with you, you can do the same trick by bringing your tripod.

Canyoning by marcbaechtold

5. Explore By Foot: A good example would be the Grand Canyon. There are a few tourist spots where everyone parks their cars and takes the same photo from the same angle of the canyon. Only a few travel a bit further which allows the photographer to capture a different scene and composition. People are more interested in these unique shots because the viewers haven’t ever seen what the canyon really looks like from that perspective. Change your perspectives!

Winter Hike by marcbaechtold

6. Always Be Ready: Wear your camera “ready to shoot”.  Even if you think that there’s nothing worth shooting, and thus worth getting your camera out of your backpack, there always is. Start shooting random pictures. This is like the “warming up” for your creativity and you will start seeing things differently!

Summiteer by marcbaechtold

For more travel photos taken by Marc, visit his profileInstagram and Facebook. Interested in learning more via educational videos? Check out the photography tutorials put together by top educators.